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PMC COVID-19 Collection FAQ

What publishers contributed to the PMC COVID-19 Collection?

A list of collaborators and links to available publisher resources is available on the main PMC COVID-19 Collection page. See the related FAQ item "Will PMC continue to provide perpetual access to the deposited articles?"

What was the scope of content accepted under the PMC COVID-19 Collection?

The PMC COVID-19 Collection primarily includes peer-reviewed articles discussing COVID-19 or the SARS-CoV-2 virus from journals across the spectrum of research disciplines. Additionally, journal articles on previous coronaviruses (e.g., including Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)) were deposited by select publishers. It was left to the discretion of the collaborating publishers and scholarly societies to determine which articles to deposit in PMC.

Preprints made public prior to peer review and journal publication were not in scope for the PMC COVID-19 Collection; however, preprints reporting NIH-supported COVID-19 research have been added to PMC and PubMed under the NIH Preprint Pilot.

How was the deposit process for the PMC COVID-19 Collection different from standard PMC operations?

Working within the established PMC infrastructure, NLM adapted its standard requirements for the deposit of individual articles and online-first articles to the PMC COVID-19 Collection to provide greater flexibility and ensure coronavirus research was available as quickly as possible. In addition, PDF-only deposits were accepted in cases where the article PDF was published online prior to other formats being available.

NLM also engaged with publishers and journals that did not have formal agreements to deposit content in PMC (see the “Agreements” section of the PMC Policies page). To participate, a publisher had to have journals in scope and eligible for inclusion the NLM Collection.

To allow for this greater flexibility, new selective deposit channels were established for individual publishers to deposit COVID-19 related articles. NLM is leaving these deposit channels open through the end of 2023 before transitioning this work to standard PMC deposit channels and rules.

Will PMC continue to provide perpetual access to the deposited articles?

As an archive, PMC will continue to provide perpetual access to all articles deposited in the PMC COVID-19 Collection for which the copyright holder provides such permission.

The table below indicates if the current license terms provided by the publisher allow for permanent access to articles in PMC and/or continued distribution for re-use through the PMC Open Access Subset.

Any content removals apply only to those articles that were available under custom license terms. See also the related FAQ item “Where can I find a list of articles removed from PMC or the PMC Open Access Subset at the end of the Public Health Emergency?

Publisher Available in
American Association for Cancer Research Yes No
American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Yes Yes
American Chemical Society No No
American Institute of Physics Yes Yes
American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene Yes Yes
American Medical Informatics Association Yes Yes
American Physical Society Yes Yes
American Physiological Society Yes No
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Yes Yes
American Society of Hematology Yes Yes
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Yes Yes
American Society for Microbiology Yes Yes
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Yes Yes
American Thoracic Society Yes Yes
Annals of Internal Medicine, a publication of the American College of Physicians Yes No
British Institute of Radiology Yes Yes
The British Medical Journal (BMJ) No No
Bulletin of the World Health Organization Yes Yes
Cambridge University Press (CUP) Yes No
Cell Press Yes Yes
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer Yes Yes
CSIRO Publishing Yes Yes
De Gruyter Yes Yes
eLife Yes Yes
Elsevier Yes Yes
EMBO Press Yes No
Emerald Publishing Yes No
European Respiratory Society Yes Yes
F1000 Research Limited Yes Yes
Frontiers Yes Yes
Future Science Group Yes Yes
Healthcare Infection Society Yes Yes
IEEE Yes Yes
IOP Publishing Yes Yes
JMIR Publications Yes Yes
Karger Publishers Yes No
The Lancet Yes Yes
Life Science Alliance Yes Yes
Microbiology Society Yes Yes
New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Yes Yes
Oxford University Press Yes No
Partners in Digital Health Yes Yes
PLOS Yes Yes
PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA Yes Yes
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Yes Yes
Rockefeller University Press (RUP) Yes Yes
SAGE Publishing Yes No
Science Journals Yes Yes
Society of Nuclear Medicine Yes Yes
Springer Nature Yes Yes
Taylor & Francis Yes No
The Royal Society Yes Yes
Thieme Medical Publishers Yes No
University of Toronto Press Yes Yes
Wiley Yes No
Wolters Kluwer Yes No

Where can I find a list of articles removed from PMC or the PMC Open Access Subset at the end of the Public Health Emergency?

Some of the articles in the PMC COVID-19 Collection were deposited under license terms that expired at the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration, and were, therefore, removed. The downloadable lists below (in CSV format) provide the PMCID and DOI of all articles removed:

Why are some articles from the PMC COVID-19 Collection not discoverable in PubMed?

Eligible publishers were able to deposit articles in PMC from journals not in the NLM Collection, and thus not in the NLM Catalog. As PubMed indexing requires the presence of an NLM Catalog record, some article records are only searchable in PMC. More than 80% of the articles in the PMC COVID-19 Collection have a corresponding citation in PubMed.

See also the related FAQ item, "How was the deposit process for the PMC COVID-19 Collection different from standard PMC operations?".

Last modified: Tue Jan. 30 2024