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PMC Collections

PubMed Central® (PMC) archives millions of full-text articles, spanning centuries of biomedical and life science research. In its roles as journal archive, funder repository, and open science hub, PMC collects and distributes content under numerous participation agreements, funder policies, private-public partnerships, and initiatives. This page provides an overview of the resulting browsable collections, ordered by general size of the collection from largest to smallest.

PMC Journal List

Browse the PMC journal list to access the journals for which NLM has agreements with publishers and scholarly societies who deposit articles directly to PMC.

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PMC Article Datasets

PMC includes several subsets of articles where files for text mining and other purposes are made available under Creative Commons or similar licenses.

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Author Manuscripts

PMC is a repository for peer-reviewed accepted author manuscripts supported by the NIH as well as other public and private funders from around the globe.

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Selective Deposit Collections

Encompassing a number of publishers in the biomedical and life sciences, this list of publisher-based collections spans thousands of journals that deposit select articles to PMC.

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COVID-19 Collection

A collaboration between NLM and more than fifty publishers to make coronavirus-related articles accessible in PMC under license terms that facilitate re-use and secondary analysis.

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Mpox Collection

A collaboration between NLM and scholarly publishers to make mpox and orthopox-related articles accessible in PMC under license terms that facilitate re-use and secondary analysis.

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Biomedical Journal Digitization Projects

NLM collaborates with publishers and other organizations to preserve the historical literature through scanning of print journal content.

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NIH Preprint Pilot

A pilot project launched in June 2020 by NLM to make COVID-19-related preprints resulting from research funded by the NIH available in PMC to increase the discoverability of these works.

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NIH Findings of Research Misconduct

Findings of Research Misconduct issued by the HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI) since the mid-1990's are archived in PMC and linked to any associated articles named in a finding.

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Last modified: Fri Dec. 16 2022