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Exporting Tree Nodes to CSV

Step 1: Introduction

In this tutorial we’ll look at exporting tree nodes from Genome Workbench as CSV files. The CSV ("Comma Separated Values") file format is often used to exchange data between different applications. CSV stores tabular data in plain text. Each record is stored on one line and consists of one or more fields, separated by commas. The CSF format is described in RFC 4180.

Example file for this tutorial can be downloaded here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/projects/treeview/data/sample_tree.asn

Step 2: Getting Started

From the File menu choose Open and select File Import from the left side:

Export Tree Nodes to CSV 1

Select NCBI ASN.1 files from the drop down list File Format. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the test file for this tutorial, select sample_tree.asn and click Open. Then click Finish.

Step 3: Opening Tree View

Now there is a 'New Project' in the Project Tree View.

Export Tree Nodes to CSV 2

Double click Tree, 'sample_tree' 12 nodes, 7 leaves to open the Open View dialog and select Tree View from the list:

Export Tree Nodes to CSV 3

A new Tree View will open.

Step 4: Exporting the Nodes

Select the nodes, you want to export by right clicking on their parent node (clicking the root node will export the entire tree):

Export Tree Nodes to CSV 4

Choose Export Selection to CSV… from the newly opened context menu.

Export To CSV dialog lets you control what data is exported.

Export Tree Nodes to CSV 5

You can choose:

  • whether the first row in the output CSV file will contain the names (headers) of the fields
  • whether the output CSV file shall contain only leaves or all nodes
  • which fields will be exported (Select fields to export list box)

When you are done with the configuration, press OK to generate the output CSV file. It will be stored in the path defined in the File Name field.

Current Version is 3.8.2 (released December 12, 2022)

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