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Add Publication

Add Publication opens a dialog that adds an unpublished, in-press, or published reference and associated bibliographic data to the current sequence.

What is a Publication (Reference)? An unpublished, in-press, or published (either in a hard copy/paper journal and/or online) paper that describes the background and work associated with the current sequence and meta-data.

Publication Dialog

The Publication dialog has three Sections: Status, Class, and the paper’s main bibliographic information section.

GWB Add Publication Dialog


Choose the applicable status of the paper that discusses or will discuss the sequence data in the current record.

  • Unpublished (has intended title and authors, but no information about the journal);
  • In Press (has intended title and authors, name of the journal that has accepted the paper, and year when the paper will be published);
  • Published (has final title, authors, journal name, and volume/issue/page numbers/date of publication; may also report the PubMedId #).


Choose the type of publication in which the paper will be published:

  • Journal (chosen by default when In Press or Published Status is chosen)
  • Book Chapter
  • Book
  • Thesis/Monograph
  • Proceedings Chapter
  • Proceedings
  • Patent
  • Submission

Main Section

The Publication dialog’s main section has four or five tabbed pages, depending on the Status of the publication:

An Unpublished reference has four tabs: Title, Author Names, Author Affiliation, and Remarks.

In Press and Published references have five tabs: Article Title, Journal, Author Names, Author Affiliation, and Remarks.

Title/Article Title

Provide the tentative or confirmed title of the paper.

GWB Add Publication Dialog Title Tab


Provide the complete title of the Journal in which the paper will be published (do not abbreviate words of the journal title); provide volume, issue, and page numbers, if known; provide the PubMedId number, if assigned and known; provide the muid, if known; provide the Serial number, if known; if the paper is an Erratum, choose the type of erratum from the pull-down menu and provide a brief explanation for the Erratum’s publication; choose the appropriate Publication Status (most typically used statuses are: Print Publication, Ahead of Print, and Electronic Publication); add Publication Date (Year, Month, Day), if applicable.

GWB Add Publication Dialog Journal Tab

Lookup Buttons

The Lookup buttons at the bottom of the page can be used to identify specific publications if enough information is provided:

  • Lookup Article: If sufficient information (title, authors, journal, etc) is provided, this lookup may identify the paper’s bibliographic information.
  • Lookup Relaxed: A less stringent version of the Lookup Article.
  • Lookup ISOJTA: ‘International Organization for Standardization Journal Title Abbreviation’ searches for the approved abbreviation of a complete and correct journal name and substitutes the abbreviation for the complete title.
  • Lookup by PubMedId: Will use a valid PubMedId that is provided to populate the bibliographic information for a paper. Lookup DOI: Will use a valid DOI (alphanumeric digital object identifier) that is provided to identify the bibliographic information for a paper

Author Names

Provide the first (given), middle initial(s), and last (family) names of each author; provide Sr, Jr, III, IV, etc suffix if applicable (suffixes are for family relationships only, not for laboratory or organization hierarchy); Insert Controls (allow a blank row for an author name to be inserted above or below the row on which it is chosen); Arrow Controls (allow an existing author row to be moved up or down in a list of multiple authors); Delete (removes a row of an author).

GWB Add Publication Dialog Author Names Tab

Author Affiliation

Provide the names of the Institution (for example: company or university), Department, Street Address (eg, number and street name), City, State/Province (if not applicable for your country, leave blank), Zip/Postal Code, and Country where the primary author(s) worked on the current sequence.

GWB Add Publication Dialog Author Affiliation Tab


Provide any additional information in this free text box. Provide valid DOI (alphanumeric digital object identifier) for paper, if known.

GWB Add Publication Dialog Remarks Tab

Dialog Buttons

  • OK (verifies and adds the Publication/Reference as described)
  • Cancel (closes the dialog without taking any action)
  • Help (opens a new tab/window with information applicable to this dialog)

For more information please see the full documentation for NCBI Genome Workbench Editing Package.

Current Version is 3.8.2 (released December 12, 2022)

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