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SRX1491077: Transcriptome from Solanum arcanum LA2172
1 ILLUMINA (Illumina HiSeq 2000) run: 14.6M spots, 3G bases, 1.9Gb downloads

Submitted by: Indiana University
Study: Solanum section Lycopersicon phylotranscriptomic characterization
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We sequenced 29 accessions from all 13 species of Solanum sect. Lycopersicon and 2 species from Solanum sect. Lycopersicoides. After mapping these data to the reference genome, we identified complex patterns of introgression, ancestral allele sorting, lineage-specific evolution and environmental selection.
Sample: Transcriptome from Solanum arcanum LA2172
SAMN04348651 • SRS1212646 • All experiments • All runs
Organism: Solanum arcanum
Name: LA2172
Instrument: Illumina HiSeq 2000
Strategy: RNA-Seq
Selection: cDNA
Layout: PAIRED
Spot descriptor:
forward101  reverse

Runs: 1 run, 14.6M spots, 3G bases, 1.9Gb
Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished


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