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SRX17549900: Dna_seq of Tricalysia lasiodelphys
1 ILLUMINA (Illumina HiSeq 2500) run: 63M spots, 12.6G bases, 8.3Gb downloads

Design: WGS of Tricalysia lasiodelphys leaf
Submitted by: Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement
Study: Metagenomics of African Empogona and Tricalysia (Rubiaceae) reveals the presence of leaf endophytes
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Leaf symbiosis is a phenomenon in which Rubiaceae host plants interact with bacterial endophytes inside their leaves. To date, it was found to occur in around 650 species belonging to 8 genera in 4 tribes, however, the true extent in Rubiaceae remains unknown. Our aim is to investigate the possible occurrence of leaf endophytes in the African plant genera Empogona and Tricalysia, and if present, to establish their identity.Total DNA was extracted from the leaves of four species of the Coffeeae tribe (Empogona congesta, Tricalysia hensii, T. lasiodelphys, and T. semidecidua) and sequenced. Bacterial reads were filtered out and assembled. Phylogenetic analysis of the endophytes was used to reveal their identity and relationship with known symbionts.
Sample: Tri-las-84
SAMN30827686 • SRS15094971 • All experiments • All runs
Name: Tri-las-84
Instrument: Illumina HiSeq 2500
Strategy: WGS
Selection: RANDOM
Layout: PAIRED
Runs: 1 run, 63M spots, 12.6G bases, 8.3Gb
Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished


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