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SRX15572425: PacBio Sequel sequencing of camel Staphylococcaceae from the Horn of Africa
1 PACBIO_SMRT (Sequel II) run: 171,800 spots, 1.8G bases, 438.5Mb downloads

Design: DNA solution was purified using the DNeasy PowerClean Cleanup Kit (Qiagen), eluted in a final volume of 100 l TE (pH 8.0) and stored at -80 C for subsequent use. The gDNA quality and quantity was measured by QuDye dsDNA HS Assay Kit (InvitrogenTM) on a Qubit 3 Fluorometer (InvitrogenTM). high molecular weight DNA was sheared in a Covaris g-Tube to obtain 10 to 15 kbp fragments which were quality assessed using the Femto Pulse Systems (Agilent). The purified DNA samples were barcoded with the SMRTbell Express Template Prep Kit 2.0 (Pacific Biosciences). Sequencing was done using a PacBio Sequel (Bern sequencing platform) and Sequel II (Lausanne sequencing platform).
Submitted by: University of Bern
Study: Comparative Genomics of East African Camel-Associated Staphylococcaceae spp.
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Members of the Staphylococcaceae family, and particularly of the genus Staphylococcus, encompass important human and animal pathogens and especially human-derived strains are well-studied for virulence, pathogenicity as well as for drug resistance. Livestock-derived strains, especially from low-and-middle-income countries, are studied to a much lesser extent. This dataset of complete genomes from East African Camel-Associated Staphylococcaceae spp. provides new insight in the virulome and resistome across multiple species and increases the number of available strains for some poorly described species (S.muscae, S.delphini etc).
SAMN26923338 • SRS13275285 • All experiments • All runs
Name: S_aureus_IVB6201
Instrument: Sequel II
Strategy: WGS
Selection: size fractionation
Layout: SINGLE
Runs: 1 run, 171,800 spots, 1.8G bases, 438.5Mb
Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished


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