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Lycopodioideae lfy gene, intron.

PopSet: 2572583464

Study Details

Hybridization and reticulate evolution in Diphasiastrum (flat-branched clubmosses) in Taiwan and adjacent countries

Schnittler,M., Inoue,M., Bog,M., Shchepin,O.N., Fuchs,J., Chang,H.-M., Lamkowski,P., Knapp,R., Horn,K. and Bennert,W.H.

Sequences in this data set

  • OR189136.1Diphasiastrum wightianum voucher DIP_CJR4723 LabNo 1286 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189135.1Diphasiastrum multispicatum voucher HMC7133 LabNo 598 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189134.1Diphasiastrum multispicatum voucher HMC7129 LabNo 597 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189133.1Diphasiastrum sp. hybrid I MI-2023 voucher Taiw_HMC7124 LabNo 596 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189132.1Diphasiastrum sp. hybrid II MI-2023 voucher HMC7123 LabNo 595 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189131.1Diphasiastrum sp. hybrid II MI-2023 voucher HMC7122 LabNo 594 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189130.1Diphasiastrum sp. hybrid I MI-2023 voucher DIPyue_HMC7120 LabNo 593 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189129.1Diphasiastrum sp. hybrid I MI-2023 voucher Taiw_Knapp4377 LabNo 592 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189128.1Diphasiastrum sp. hybrid I MI-2023 voucher Taiw_Knapp4376 LabNo 591 lfy gene, intron
  • OR189127.1Diphasiastrum sp. hybrid III MI-2023 voucher Taiw_Knapp4375 LabNo 590 lfy gene, intron
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