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Solanum subgen. Lycopersicon pre-miR482a miRNA gene, complete sequence.

PopSet: 953763184

Study Details

Evolutionarily Dynamic, but Robust, Targeting of Resistance Genes by the miR482/2118 Gene Family in the Solanaceae.

de Vries,S., Kloesges,T. and Rose,L.E.

(2015) Genome Biol Evol 7:(12)3307-3321

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Sequences in this data set

  • KP665234.1Solanum corneliomulleri isolate LA1274 pre-miR482a miRNA gene, complete sequence
  • KP665233.1Solanum peruvianum isolate LA2964 pre-miR482a miRNA gene, complete sequence
  • KP665232.1Solanum chilense isolate LA3114 pre-miR482a miRNA gene, complete sequence

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