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Isoetes dixitei LEAFY gene, intron 2.

PopSet: 478785711

Study Details

Genetic diversity and population structure of Indian Iso tes dixitei Shende based on amplified fragment length polymorphisms and intron sequences of LEAFY

Jung,J., Kumar Singh,S., Pande,H.C., Srivastava,G.K. and Choi,H.-K.

(2014) Aquat. Bot. 113:1-7

Sequences in this data set

  • KC460523.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701d-4 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460522.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701d-3 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460521.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701d-2 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460520.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701d-1 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460519.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701c-4 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460518.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701c-3 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460517.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701c-2 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460516.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701c-1 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460515.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701b-6 LEAFY gene, intron 2
  • KC460514.1Isoetes dixitei clone 2701b-5 LEAFY gene, intron 2
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