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Solanaceae chloroplast sequence.

PopSet: 2418193121

Study Details

Diversity Analysis of Wild Solanum Species in Central Vietnam using DNA barcode

Boehme,M., Hoang,P.L., Lohwasser,U., Ha,T.T.T. and Quang,H.T.

Sequences in this data set

  • OQ126861.1UNVERIFIED: Solanum procumbens voucher HU02 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126860.1UNVERIFIED: Solanum procumbens voucher HU41 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126859.1UNVERIFIED: Lycianthes sp. NA137 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126858.1UNVERIFIED: Lycianthes sp. NA135 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126857.1UNVERIFIED: Lycianthes sp. NA133-1 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126856.1UNVERIFIED: Lycianthes sp. NA132 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126855.1UNVERIFIED: Lycianthes sp. DL101 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126854.1UNVERIFIED: Datura metel voucher DL104-1 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126853.1UNVERIFIED: Datura metel voucher GL90 chloroplast sequence
  • OQ126852.1UNVERIFIED: Datura metel voucher HU53-2 chloroplast sequence
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