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Solanoideae chloroplast sequence.

PopSet: 2214779460

Study Details

Phylogenomic data reveals hard polytomies across the backbone of the large genus Solanum (Solanaceae)

Gagnon,E., Hilgenhof,R., Orejuela,A., McDonell,A., Sablok,G., Aubriot,X., Giacomin,L., Gouvea,Y., Bohs,L., Dodsworth,S., Maurin,O., Forest,F., Martine,C., Poczai,P., Knapp,S. and Sarkinen,T.

Sequences in this data set

  • MZ221926.1Solanum nigrescens voucher BM:Craat et al 97419 chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221925.1Solanum nigrescens voucher BM:Archer 1284 chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221924.1Solanum nemorense voucher USM<PER>:Orejuela 2779 chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221923.1Solanum multispinum voucher BM:Pena-Chocarro 1485 chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221922.1Solanum mortonii voucher CORD:Barboza et al. 3437 chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221921.1Solanum medians voucher E:Gonzales et al. 9 chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221920.1Solanum mariae voucher E:Sarkinen et al. 4651 chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221919.1Solanum laciniatum voucher BM:Knapp s.n. chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221918.1Solanum inodorum voucher BHCB:Giacomin et al. 2031 chloroplast, complete genome
  • MZ221917.1Solanum imamense voucher BM:Baron 1754 chloroplast, partial genome
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