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Pentapetalae similar to trnL-trnF intergenic spacer, partial sequence; chloroplast.

PopSet: 2413019250

Sequences in this data set

  • OM857955.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium dmmagiae voucher Muasya & Zhigila8268 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857954.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium muasyae voucher Zhigila1308 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857953.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium ericifolium voucher Muasya & Zhigila8305 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857952.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium nigroperianthum voucher Muasya & Zhigila8265 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857951.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium rhizomatum voucher Muasya & Zhigila8297 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857950.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium spinulosum voucher Muasya & Zhigila8039 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857949.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium sp. DAZ-2022b voucher Zhigila1023 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857948.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium sp. DAZ-2022b voucher Zhigila1006 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857947.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium flexuosum voucher Zhigila1253 chloroplast sequence
  • OM857946.1UNVERIFIED: Thesium muasyae voucher Muasya & Zhigila8276 chloroplast sequence
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