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Solanoideae sequence.

PopSet: 168482067

Study Details

Allelic Survey

Poole,M., Manning,K., King,G.J., Thomson,H. and Seymour,G.B.

Sequences in this data set

  • EU486699.2Solanum lycopersicum isolate CNRGENE_36 genomic sequence
  • EU486695.2Solanum habrochaites isolate CNRGENE_8 genomic sequence
  • EU486694.2Solanum lycopersicum isolate CNRGENE_76 genomic sequence
  • EU486693.2Solanum pimpinellifolium isolate CNRGENE_81 genomic sequence
  • EU486692.2Solanum pimpinellifolium isolate CNRGENE_74 genomic sequence
  • EU486691.2Solanum lycopersicum isolate CNRGENE_87 genomic sequence
  • EU486689.2Solanum lycopersicum isolate CNRGENE_3 genomic sequence
  • EU486688.2Solanum lycopersicum isolate CNRGENE_26 genomic sequence
  • EU486685.2Solanum lycopersicum isolate CNRGENE_41 genomic sequence
  • EU486682.2Solanum lycopersicum isolate CNRGENE_45 genomic sequence
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