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Oleeae phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds.

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The phylogeny and biogeographic history of ashes (fraxinus, oleaceae) highlight the roles of migration and vicariance in the diversification of temperate trees.

Hinsinger,D.D., Basak,J., Gaudeul,M., Cruaud,C., Bertolino,P., Frascaria-Lacoste,N. and Bousquet,J.

(2013) PLoS ONE 8:(11)E80431

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Sequences in this data set

  • HM242650.1Osmanthus sp. 4 NFL-2010 isolate Osmanthus_4 phantastica-like (phan) gene, partial sequence
  • HM242649.1Olea sp. 3 NFL-2010 isolate Olea_3 phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds
  • HM242648.1Ligustrum sp. 999 isolate Ligustrum_999 phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds
  • HM242647.1Ligustrum sp. 2 NFL-2010 isolate Ligustrum_2 phantastica-like (phan) gene, partial sequence
  • HM242646.1Fraxinus xanthoxyloides isolate Fxanthoxyloides_dumosa_67 phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds
  • HM242645.1Fraxinus xanthoxyloides isolate Fxanthoxyloides_dumosa_200 phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds
  • HM242644.1Fraxinus xanthoxyloides isolate Fxanthoxyloides_dimorpha_9 phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds
  • HM242643.1Fraxinus xanthoxyloides isolate Fxanthoxyloides_dimorpha_8 phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds
  • HM242642.1Fraxinus xanthoxyloides isolate Fxanthoxyloides_dimorpha_51 phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds
  • HM242641.1Fraxinus xanthoxyloides isolate Fxanthoxyloides_62 phantastica (phan) gene, partial cds
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