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Convolvulaceae plastid sequence.

PopSet: 2718994130

Study Details

Variations and reduction of plastome are associated with the evolution of parasitism in Convolvulaceae.

Chen,L.Q., Li,X., Yao,X., Li,D.Z., Barrett,C., dePamphilis,C.W. and Yu,W.B.

(04-15-2024) Plant Mol Biol 114:(3)40


Sequences in this data set

  • OR771023.1UNVERIFIED: Tridynamia sinensis plastid sequence
  • OR771022.1UNVERIFIED: Poranopsis discifera plastid sequence
  • OR771021.1UNVERIFIED: Dinetus dinetoides plastid sequence
  • OR771020.1UNVERIFIED: Merremia hungaiensis plastid sequence
  • OR771019.1UNVERIFIED: Evolvulus nummularius plastid sequence
  • OR771018.1UNVERIFIED: Dinetus duclouxii plastid sequence
  • OR771017.1UNVERIFIED: Dichondra micrantha plastid sequence
  • OR771016.1UNVERIFIED: Cuscuta reflexa plastid sequence
  • OR771015.1UNVERIFIED: Cuscuta reflexa plastid sequence
  • OR771014.1UNVERIFIED: Cuscuta pentagona plastid sequence
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