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Isoetes chloroplast sequence.

PopSet: 2419445485

Study Details

Insights into cryptic speciation of quillworts in China

Gu,Y.-F., Shu,J.-P., Lu,Y.-J., Shen,H., Shao,W., Zhou,Y., Sun,Q.-M., Chen,J.-B., Liu,B.-D. and Yan,Y.-H.

(2022) Plant Divers

Sequences in this data set

  • OP831315.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes yunguiensis isolate 3 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831314.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes yunguiensis isolate 2 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831313.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes yunguiensis isolate 1 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831312.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes xiangfei isolate 3 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831311.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes xiangfei isolate 2 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831310.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes xiangfei isolate 1 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831309.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes sp. 13 YG-2022 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831308.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes sp. 12 YG-2022 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831307.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes sp. 11 YG-2022 chloroplast sequence
  • OP831306.1UNVERIFIED: Isoetes sp. 10 YG-2022 chloroplast sequence
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