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Selaginella plastid sequence.

PopSet: 2329658489

Study Details

Uncovering the hidden diversity of the rosette-forming Selaginella tamariscina group based on morphological and molecular data

Yang,J., Xiang,Q.-P. and Zhang,X.-C.

(10-04-2022) Taxon

Sequences in this data set

  • ON333985.1Selaginella sp. HWW-2020 voucher 9629 plastid sequence
  • ON333984.1Selaginella tamariscina voucher 9550 plastid sequence
  • ON333983.1Selaginella pulvinata voucher YL20200730 plastid sequence
  • ON333982.1Selaginella pulvinata voucher YJ17 plastid sequence
  • ON333981.1Selaginella pulvinata voucher 11586 plastid sequence
  • ON333980.1Selaginella pulvinata voucher YJ16 plastid sequence
  • ON333979.1Selaginella algida voucher 20190813-27 plastid sequence
  • ON333978.1Selaginella algida voucher 520 plastid sequence
  • ON333977.1Selaginella pulvinata voucher 11573 plastid sequence
  • ON333976.1Selaginella tamariscina voucher 96032 plastid sequence
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