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Impatiens chloroplast sequence.

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Study Details

Past climate cooling and orogenesis of the Hengduan Mountains have influenced the evolution of Impatiens sect. Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) in the Northern Hemisphere.

Qin,F., Xue,T., Zhang,X., Yang,X., Yu,J., Gadagkar,S.R. and Yu,S.

(11-29-2023) BMC Plant Biol 23:(1)600

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Sequences in this data set

  • OR135521.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens cornucopia chloroplast sequence
  • OR135520.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens conaensis chloroplast sequence
  • OR135519.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens burtonii chloroplast sequence
  • OR135518.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens balsamina chloroplast sequence
  • OR135517.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens commelinoides chloroplast sequence
  • OR135516.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens macrovexilla var. yaoshanensis chloroplast sequence
  • OR135515.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens cymbifera chloroplast sequence
  • OR135514.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens guiqingensis chloroplast sequence
  • OR135513.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens morsei chloroplast sequence
  • OR135512.1UNVERIFIED: Impatiens arguta chloroplast sequence
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