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Galea sp. CH-2002 GPR33 gene, GPR33-A allele, partial sequence.

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Study Details

The rise and fall of the chemoattractant receptor GPR33.

Rompler,H., Schulz,A., Pitra,C., Coop,G., Przeworski,M., Paabo,S. and Schoneberg,T.

(09-02-2005) J. Biol. Chem. 280:(35)31068-31075


Sequences in this data set

  • AY502104.1Galea sp. CH-2002 GPR33 gene, GPR33-B allele, partial sequence
  • AY502103.1Galea sp. CH-2002 GPR33 gene, GPR33-A allele, partial sequence

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