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Tracheophyta chloroplast sequence.

PopSet: 2695070053

Study Details

Spatial heterogeneity of neo- and paleo-endemism for plants in Madagascar

Omollo,W.O., Rabarijaona,R.N., Ranaivoson,R.M., Rakotoarinivo,M., Barrett,R.L., Qiang,Z., Lai,Y.-J., Ye,J.-F., Le,C.T., Antonelli,A., Chen,Z.-D., Liu,B. and Lu,L.-M.

Sequences in this data set

  • PP075385.1UNVERIFIED: Leea cuspidifera voucher PE CPG29705 Z.D. Chen et al. 29705 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075384.1UNVERIFIED: Leea spinea voucher PE CPG29665 Z.D. Chen et al. 29665 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075383.1UNVERIFIED: Cyphostemma andavadoakense voucher PE CPG31052 Z.D. Chen et al. 31052 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075382.1UNVERIFIED: Cyphostemma andavadoakense voucher PE CPG31051 Z.D. Chen et al. 31051 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075381.1UNVERIFIED: Cyphostemma andavadoakense voucher PE CPG31050 Z.D. Chen et al. 31050 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075380.1UNVERIFIED: Cyphostemma andavadoakense voucher PE CPG31048 Z.D. Chen et al. 31048 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075379.1UNVERIFIED: Cyphostemma laza voucher PE CPG30999 Z.D. Chen et al. 30999 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075378.1UNVERIFIED: Cissus bosseri voucher PE CPG30977 Z.D. Chen et al. 30977 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075377.1UNVERIFIED: Cissus bosseri voucher PE CPG30965 Z.D. Chen et al. 30965 chloroplast sequence
  • PP075376.1UNVERIFIED: Cissus bosseri voucher PE CPG30957 Z.D. Chen et al. 30957 chloroplast sequence
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