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Mesangiospermae chloroplast sequence.

PopSet: 2438309112

Study Details

Stronger latitudinal phylogenetic patterns in woody angiosperm assemblages with higher dispersal abilities in China

Jin,L., Liu,J.-J., Li,Q., Lin,L., Shao,X. and Xiao,T.

Sequences in this data set

  • ON881899.1UNVERIFIED: Celtis timorensis chloroplast sequence
  • ON881898.1UNVERIFIED: Cocculus laurifolius chloroplast sequence
  • ON881897.1UNVERIFIED: Prunus serrula chloroplast sequence
  • ON881896.1UNVERIFIED: Drimycarpus racemosus chloroplast sequence
  • ON881895.1UNVERIFIED: Glochidion ellipticum chloroplast sequence
  • ON881894.1UNVERIFIED: Salacia obovatilimba chloroplast sequence
  • ON881893.1UNVERIFIED: Bennettiodendron leprosipes chloroplast sequence
  • ON881892.1UNVERIFIED: Quercus rex chloroplast sequence
  • ON881891.1UNVERIFIED: Debregeasia squamata chloroplast sequence
  • ON881890.1UNVERIFIED: Phlogacanthus curviflorus chloroplast sequence
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