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Fabales plastid sequence.

PopSet: 1827860576

Study Details

Exploration of Plastid Phylogenomic Conflict Yields New Insights into the Deep Relationships of Leguminosae.

Zhang,R., Wang,Y.H., Jin,J.J., Stull,G.W., Bruneau,A., Cardoso,D., de Queiroz,L.P., Moore,M.J., Zhang,S.D., Chen,S.Y., Wang,J., Li,D.Z. and Yi,T.S.

(02-17-2020) Syst. Biol.

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Sequences in this data set

  • MN709888.1Abrus precatorius voucher Yi15513-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709887.1Zornia diphylla voucher Yi15538-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709886.1Chamaecrista mimosoides voucher Yi15441-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709885.1Thermopsis alpina voucher Yi15370-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709884.1Ceratonia siliqua voucher Yi15508-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709883.1Havardia acatlensis voucher Yi15505-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709882.1Baphia racemosa voucher Yi15504-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709881.1Barnebydendron riedelii voucher Yi15502-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709880.1Zollernia splendens voucher Yi15501-KUN plastid, complete genome
  • MN709879.1Goniorrhachis marginata voucher Yi15498-KUN plastid, complete genome
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