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Chlorophyta phytochrome (PHY) mRNA, complete cds.

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Study Details

Phytochrome diversity in green plants and the origin of canonical plant phytochromes.

Li,F.W., Melkonian,M., Rothfels,C.J., Villarreal,J.C., Stevenson,D.W., Graham,S.W., Wong,G.K., Pryer,K.M. and Mathews,S.

(2015) Nat Commun 6:7852

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Sequences in this data set

  • KT013293.1Tetraselmis cordiformis isolate DUMA_2001276 phytochrome (PHY) mRNA, complete cds
  • KT013292.1Pyramimonas parkeae isolate TNAW_0030990 phytochrome (PHY) mRNA, complete cds
  • KT013291.1Monomastix opisthostigma isolate BTFM_2008193 phytochrome (PHY) mRNA, complete cds

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