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How to: Compare your sequence to the RefSeqGene/LRG standard

Starting with a sequence or sequences...

  1. From the RefSeqGene homepage, click on RefSeqGene BLAST in the Tools section.
  2. Submit your query sequence or multiple sequences.
  3. Review the results as aligned to the RefSeqGene records by clicking on the Graphics in the Descriptions table.
  4. If you submitted more than one query sequence and would like to review the alignment of a particular sequence, click on "Configure", select your chosen alignment and remove the check box in front of the alignments you don't want displayed. Then click on "Configure" at the bottom of the page to apply your revised selections.
  5. If you identify any differences between your sequence and the RefSeqGene, you can evaluate whether others have reported sequence variation in that region by reviewing the variation annotated on the RefSeqGene.