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Platform GPL13607 Query DataSets for GPL13607
Status Public on May 17, 2011
Title Agilent-028004 SurePrint G3 Human GE 8x60K Microarray (Feature Number version)
Technology type in situ oligonucleotide
Distribution custom-commercial
Organism Homo sapiens
Manufacturer Agilent Technologies
Manufacture protocol Agilent 60-mer SurePrint technology. See manufacturer's web site at
Description SurePrint G3 Human GE 8x60K Microarray

Arrays of this design have barcodes that begin with 16028004 or 2528004.

Features are numbered numbered Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom as scanned by an Agilent scanner (barcode on the left, DNA on the back surface, scanned through the glass), matching the FeatureNum output from Agilent's Feature Extraction software.

The ID column represents the Agilent Feature Extraction feature number.

Rows and columns are numbered as scanned by an Axon Scanner (barcode on the bottom, DNA on the front surface).

To match data scanned on an Axon scanner, use the RefNumber column contained in the Agilent-provided GAL file as the ID_REF column in sample submissions.

*** A different version of this platform with the Agilent Probe names in the ID column is assigned accession number GPL14550
Submission date May 17, 2011
Last update date Nov 27, 2018
Organization Agilent Technologies
Phone 877-424-4536
Street address
City Palo Alto
State/province CA
ZIP/Postal code 94304
Country USA
Samples (3701) GSM642879, GSM642880, GSM642881, GSM642882, GSM642883, GSM642884 
Series (232)
GSE26190 Dominant Th2 differentiation of human regulatory T cells upon loss of FOXP3 expression
GSE29207 Role of miR-30 miRNAs during adipogenesis
GSE30039 Programming human pluripotent stem cells into adipocytes [Agilent]
Alternative to GPL14550
Alternative to GPL24914 (GeneName version)

Data table header descriptions
ID Agilent Feature Number
GB_ACC GenBank or RefSeq accession
SEQUENCE Sequence of oligonucleotide

Data table
ID ProbeName GB_ACC ControlType accessions GeneName Description chr_coord SEQUENCE SPOT_ID
1 GE_BrightCorner 1 GE_BrightCorner --GE_BrightCorner
2 DarkCorner 1 DarkCorner --DarkCorner
3 DarkCorner 1 DarkCorner --DarkCorner
4 A_23_P326296 NM_144987 0 ref|NM_144987|ref|NM_001040425|ens|ENST00000292879|ens|ENST00000392196 U2AF1L4 ref|Homo sapiens U2 small nuclear RNA auxiliary factor 1-like 4 (U2AF1L4), transcript variant 2, mRNA [NM_144987] hs|chr19:036235296-036235237 GTATGGGGAGATTGAAGAGATGAATGTGTGCGACAACCTTGGGGACCACGTCGTGGGCAA
5 A_24_P287941 NM_013290 0 ref|NM_013290|ref|NM_016556|ens|ENST00000393795|ens|ENST00000253789 PSMC3IP ref|Homo sapiens PSMC3 interacting protein (PSMC3IP), transcript variant 1, mRNA [NM_013290] hs|chr17:040724775-040724716 AAATTGCAGTAGCTTGAGGTTAACATTTAGACTTGGAACAATGCTAAAGGAAAGCATTTG
6 A_24_P325046 0 ens|ENST00000322831|gb|AK126219 ENST00000322831 ens|Zinc finger CCHC domain-containing protein 7 [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:Q8N3Z6] [ENST00000322831] hs|chr9:37186845-37186904 TGCACCTACTCTGTAACCTAACTGCGATTTATAAAATGAAACAATCTCTTCTAATTTGGC Ensembl:ENST00000322831
7 A_23_P200404 NM_001625 0 ref|NM_001625|ens|ENST00000354858 AK2 ref|Homo sapiens adenylate kinase 2 (AK2), transcript variant AK2A, mRNA [NM_001625] hs|chr1:033478807-033478748 GTAAAGACTTGGTTATGTTTATCTAATGTTGGGTCCAAGAAGGAATTTCTTTCCATCCCT
8 A_19_P00800513 0 lincRNA:chr7:226042-232442_R lincRNA:chr7:226042-232442 reverse strand hs|chr7:226498-226439 GGACAGCGACTCCCTCCTCCCTGAGCCTTGGGCCCTCGTCCTTGGCTGGTAAGCGCTGGG lincRNA
9 A_23_P15619 NM_032391 0 ref|NM_032391|ens|ENST00000290294|gb|BG611169 PRAC ref|Homo sapiens prostate cancer susceptibility candidate (PRAC), mRNA [NM_032391] unmapped GCCCATCTTACTACCTCCAAGAGTGCTTTTCTCTCTAATAAGAAAACATCTACTTTGAAA
10 A_33_P3402354 0 ens|ENST00000238571|ens|ENST00000423680 ENST00000238571 ens|YLP motif-containing protein 1 (Nuclear protein ZAP3)(ZAP113) [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:P49750] [ENST00000238571] hs|chr14:75287841-75287900 GTAGGAGACAGACCAACCACTTTGAACAGTGTCTCTTTATTAAAATTCTTAAAGAAGGTT Ensembl:ENST00000238571
11 A_33_P3338798 NM_001145251 0 ref|NM_001145251|ens|ENST00000444271 SDR16C6 ref|Homo sapiens short chain dehydrogenase/reductase family 16C, member 6 (SDR16C6), mRNA [NM_001145251] hs|chr8:057285688-057285629 CTTTCAAAGGGAGAAAGAAAGCAAATGAACTTCAGACTGAAACTGAAGGGAAACACCAGT
12 A_32_P98683 NM_005937 0 ref|NM_005937|ens|ENST00000325718 MLLT6 ref|Homo sapiens myeloid/lymphoid or mixed-lineage leukemia (trithorax homolog, Drosophila); translocated to, 6 (MLLT6), mRNA [NM_005937] hs|chr17:036885675-036885734 TGAGGGGTGCCTTCATTCCCCTTTGTTCACTTTCTCCAGCTCAACTTGGGACTTGGGTGG
13 A_23_P137543 NM_152493 0 ref|NM_152493|ens|ENST00000373428 ZNF362 ref|Homo sapiens zinc finger protein 362 (ZNF362), mRNA [NM_152493] hs|chr1:033765985-033766044 ACTCCCTGTAAATACGCTGTTATACATACTGTTAACACCCCTTTGCTTTTTCTATGGGAC
14 A_19_P00803040 0 lincRNA:chr8:104254399-104295074_F lincRNA:chr8:104254399-104295074 forward strand hs|chr8:104258569-104258628 CACTGTGGGCTCTCCCCTTCCTCTGGGGAAAATTTGTTTCATCAAGGTTATTTCTTTGTT lincRNA
15 A_23_P117852 NM_014736 0 ref|NM_014736|ref|NM_001029989|ens|ENST00000380258|ens|ENST00000300035 KIAA0101 ref|Homo sapiens KIAA0101 (KIAA0101), transcript variant 1, mRNA [NM_014736] hs|chr15:064657906-064657847 TACTGCTGCCATTTTTATTGGTGTTTGATTATTGGAATGGTGCCATATTGTCACTCCTTC
16 A_33_P3285585 XR_041134 0 ref|XR_041134|ref|XR_041135|ref|XR_041136 FLJ45256 ref|PREDICTED: Homo sapiens hypothetical LOC400511 (FLJ45256), miscRNA [XR_041134] hs|chr16:024674226-024674167 TAAGAGTTTGAGCATGTATGTGTGTGTGCATATACACCAGCACACACATGCATGCCCACA
17 A_24_P328231 NM_017871 0 ref|NM_017871|ens|ENST00000430786|ens|ENST00000429572|ens|ENST00000434694 CPSF3L ref|Homo sapiens cleavage and polyadenylation specific factor 3-like (CPSF3L), mRNA [NM_017871] hs|chr1:001254802-001254743 CATCTTGCTGGAGGACTACCGCAAGATCGCCGTAGACAAGAAGGGCGAGGCCAACTTCTT
18 A_33_P3415668 NR_028328 0 ref|NR_028328|ens|ENST00000299326|tc|NP1472485 LOC643923 ref|Homo sapiens hypothetical protein LOC643923 (LOC643923), non-coding RNA [NR_028328] hs|chr11:107463877-107463936 CTTCTGCAAGGCTGTTAGTAAGGATACTATGTATTGCTGTGCTTGATTAATGAAGAAAAT
19 A_23_P73609 NM_000266 0 ref|NM_000266|ens|ENST00000378062 NDP ref|Homo sapiens Norrie disease (pseudoglioma) (NDP), mRNA [NM_000266] hs|chrX:043808897-043808838 ATGCTTGTTGACAGAGAGAGATACTCTGGGAACTTCTTTGCAGTTCCCATCTCCTTTCTC
20 A_24_P186124 NM_182501 0 ref|NM_182501|ens|ENST00000391980 MTERFD2 ref|Homo sapiens MTERF domain containing 2 (MTERFD2), transcript variant 1, mRNA [NM_182501] hs|chr2:242035047-242034988 TCCGGTTCAGGAATCACTATGTATTTCCTTCTTGTGATAAAAATAAAATTACGAGAAGGC

Total number of rows: 62976

Table truncated, full table size 15136 Kbytes.

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