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Platform GPL10342 Query DataSets for GPL10342
Status Public on Apr 27, 2010
Title UHN Microarray Centre Human 8.1K CpG island microarray
Technology type spotted DNA/cDNA
Distribution non-commercial
Organism Homo sapiens
Manufacturer UHN Microarray Centre, University of Toronto, Canada
Manufacture protocol Our microarrays are printed on UltraGAPS™ slides (Corning Inc.) using high-precision robotics. Printed arrays are processed following Corning's protocol. Single-spotted array containing 8,109 CpG-island clones consolidated from the UHN's HCGI12K set and an independent 8.5K set obtained from Tim Huang at the Ohio State University (Columbus, OH).* This library and array was described in Heisler L, et. al., CpG Island microarray probe sequences derived from a physical library are representative of CpG Islands annotated on the human genome. NAR (2005) 33:2952-2961.
Submission date Apr 19, 2010
Last update date Jan 18, 2013
Contact name Valerie Wailin Hu
Phone 202-994-8431
Organization name The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
Lab Ross Hall 233
Street address 2300 Eye St., N.W., Rm232-233
City Washington
State/province DC
ZIP/Postal code 20037
Country USA
Samples (335) GSM534541, GSM534542, GSM534543, GSM534544, GSM534545, GSM534546 
Series (2)
GSE21395 Global methylation profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines reveals epigenetic contributions to autism spectrum disorders
GSE37579 DNA modification study of major depressive disorder: beyond locus-by-locus comparisons.

Data table header descriptions
Genome Location
Gene Symbol1 Within strand
Description1 Gene description
Gene Symbol2 Upstream strand
Description2 Gene description
Gene Symbol3 Downstream strand
Description3 Gene description

Data table
ID Genome Location RANGE_GB RANGE_START RANGE_END Gene Symbol1 Description1 Gene Symbol2 Description2 Gene Symbol3 Description3 SPOT_ID
UHNhscpg0000001 chrX:137620704-137621595 NC_000023.8 137620704 137621595 FGF13 fibroblast growth factor 13 isoform 1A AK055382 Hypothetical protein FLJ30820 (Hypothetical protein FLJ30672). F9 coagulation factor IX
UHNhscpg0000004 chr12:103903964-103904887 NC_000012.9 103903964 103904887 SLC41A2 solute carrier family 41, member 2 ALDH1L2 aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member L2
UHNhscpg0000005 chr10:1084361-1084422 NC_000010.8 1084361 1084422 IDI1 isopentenyl-diphosphate delta isomerase BC050694 HT009-like protein. WDR37 WD repeat domain 37
UHNhscpg0000006 chr15:70765263-70765993 NC_000015.8 70765263 70765993 HIGD2BP HIG1 domain family, member 2B pseudogene ARIH1 ariadne homolog, ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 ADPGK Hypothetical protein DKFZp667C1917 (Fragment).
UHNhscpg0000007 chr17:73872256-73872883 NC_000017.9 73872256 73872883 SOCS3 suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 PGS1 phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase
UHNhscpg0000008 chr6:99948251-99948683 NC_000006.9 99948251 99948683 COQ3 methyltransferase COQ3 C6orf168 hypothetical protein LOC84553 C6orf111 hypothetical protein LOC25957
UHNhscpg0000009 chr1:8799536-8800122 NC_000001.8 8799536 8800122 RERE atrophin-1 like protein ERRFI1 mitogen-inducible gene 6 protein ENO1 enolase 1
UHNhscpg0000011 chr16:75781526-75782001 NC_000016.8 75781526 75782001 CNTNAP4 cell recognition protein CASPR4 isoform 1 MON1B MON1 homolog B
UHNhscpg0000012 chr6:53320556-53321007 NC_000006.9 53320556 53321007 ELOVL5 homolog of yeast long chain polyunsaturated AK097937 Hypothetical protein FLJ40618. GCLC glutamate-cysteine ligase, catalytic subunit
UHNhscpg0000013 chr4:24770528-24771396 NC_000004.9 24770528 24771396 SLA/LP UGA suppressor tRNA-associated protein (tRNA(Ser)Sec-associated antigenic protein) (SLA/LP autoantigen) (Soluble liver antigen) (SLA) (Liver-pancreas antigen) (LP) (SLA-p35). LGI2 leucine-rich repeat LGI family, member 2 PI4K2B phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase type-II beta
UHNhscpg0000017 chr2:148494916-148495213 NC_000002.9 148494916 148495213 ORC4L origin recognition complex subunit 4 MBD5 methyl-CpG binding domain protein 5
UHNhscpg0000018 chr18:72334170-72334438 NC_000018.8 72334170 72334438 LOC284274 hypothetical protein LOC284274 FLJ44881 hypothetical protein LOC400661
UHNhscpg0000020 chr7:75669419-75670352 NC_000007.11 75669419 75670352 MDH2 mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase precursor FLJ37078 hypothetical protein LOC222183
UHNhscpg0000021 chr14:19951006-19951760 NC_000014.7 19951006 19951760 TEP1 telomerase-associated protein 1 TEP1 Telomerase protein component 1 variant (Fragment). OSGEP O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase
UHNhscpg0000022 chr11:61111720-61112385 NC_000011.8 61111720 61112385 SYT7 synaptotagmin VII C11orf11 neural stem cell-derived dendrite regulator
UHNhscpg0000025 chr10:75370203-75371061 NC_000010.8 75370203 75371061 C10orf55 Hypothetical protein C10orf55. VCL vinculin isoform meta-VCL
UHNhscpg0000026 chr3:182896508-182896759 NC_000003.9 182896508 182896759 DNAJC19 translocase of the inner mitochondrial membrane SOX2 sex-determining region Y-box 2
UHNhscpg0000029 chr19:60679555-60680029 NC_000019.8 60679555 60680029 ZNF628 zinc finger protein 628 ISOC2 isochorismatase domain containing 2 KLP1 K562 cell-derived leucine-zipper-like protein 1
UHNhscpg0000030 chr2:44076267-44077277 NC_000002.9 44076267 44077277 LRPPRC leucine-rich PPR motif-containing protein ABCG8 sterolin 2 PPM1B protein phosphatase 1B isoform 5
UHNhscpg0000033 chr2:135392166-135392392 NC_000002.9 135392166 135392392 ACMSD aminocarboxymuconate semialdehyde decarboxylase CCNT2 cyclin T2 isoform a

Total number of rows: 8448

Table truncated, full table size 1333 Kbytes.

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