Use GEO2R to compare two or more groups of Samples in order to identify genes that are differentially expressed across experimental conditions. Results are presented as a table of genes ordered by significance. Full instructions Tutorial video

GEO accession

Quick start


Apply adjustment to the P-values. More...

Apply log transformation to the data. More...

Apply limma precision weights (vooma). More...

Force normalization. More...

Category of Platform annotation to display on results.

Plot displays. More...

Significance level cut-off
(enter number between 0 and 1)

Volcano and MA plot contrasts (select up to 5)
Define two or more groups to select contrasts.

If you edit Options after performing an analysis, click Reanalyze to apply the edits:

This tab allows you to view a specific gene expression profile graph by entering the corresponding identifier from the ID column of the Platform record. This feature does not perform any calculations; it merely displays the expression values of the gene across Samples. Sample groups may or may not be defined for this feature to work.

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