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Time-course microarrays reveal early activation of the immune transcriptome and adipokine dysregulation leads to fibrosis in visceral adipose depots during diet-induced obesity
91 Profile icon Myung-Sook Choi Mar 01, 2014
Microarray characterization of gene expression changes in blood during acute ethanol exposure
54 Profile icon Dennis M Burian Jul 25, 2013
Caspase-1 deficiency reduces intestinal and hepatic triglyceride-rich lipoprotein secretion
24 Profile icon Guido Hooiveld Sep 15, 2013
The effect of miRNA-135b overexpression on the gene expression profile of LNCaP cells
12 Profile icon Anna Aakula Apr 21, 2015
Inhibitor of apoptosis proteins as promising therapeutic targets in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
12 Profile icon Lars Bullinger Mar 31, 2015
The effect of Sendai virus infection using 2 concentrations on U937 cells
11 Profile icon Luna A Zaritsky Mar 25, 2015
Expression data from mouse arthritis tarsal joints
15 Profile icon Thomas Litman Mar 01, 2015
Impact of influenza A on human plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC) gene expression
10 Profile icon Michelle Ann Gill Feb 01, 2016
Transcriptome profiling in Engrailed2 knockout mice reveals common molecular pathways associated with ASD.
12 Profile icon Erik Dassi Dec 23, 2013
Insights into responses of human astrocytes to H5N1 infection by transcriptional analysis
18 Profile icon Lin xian Jan 04, 2016
Gene expression profiles reveal the effect of a high-fat diet in brown fat development
33 Profile icon Sanggyu Lee Jan 08, 2015
Effects of knockdown of ROCK1 and ZIPK on gene expression in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells
9 Profile icon Michael Patrick Walsh May 15, 2015
Expression data from HUVEC with YAP siRNA knockdown
12 Profile icon Zhewei Shen Oct 17, 2014
Expression Data from DMSO or SRPIN803 treated ARPE-19 cells
6 Profile icon Masatsugu Denawa Jun 17, 2015
The effect of Nebulin-Deficiency on Skeletal Muscle
24 Profile icon Henk L Granzier Jun 25, 2015
Gene expression pattern of pulmonary CD11c+ cells from middle-aged and young mice.
8 Profile icon Thomas B Bair Aug 11, 2015
Comparison of the gene expression profiles of carfilzomib-resistant derivatives versus parental human myeloma cell lines
12 Profile icon Robert Hawley Jul 09, 2015
Gene expression data of C57BL/6, Il1a-knockout and Il1b-knockout mice at 24 hours after spinal cord injury
12 Profile icon Steve Lacroix Jun 27, 2015
Microarray analysis of Adipose tissue of Short-term HFD-fed mice
18 Profile icon Jae Bum Kim Feb 04, 2015
Gene Expression Analysis of PDAC tumors
15 Profile icon Valerie LeBleu Jan 20, 2015