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Global Epigenetic and Transcriptional Trends among Two Rice Subspecies and Their Reciprocal Hybrids.
24 guangming he Jan 20, 2010
Tracing the derivation of embryonic stem cells from the inner cell mass by single cell RNA-seq analysis
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
34 Catalin Barbacioru May 10, 2010
Spliced leader trapping reveals widespread alternative splicing patterns in the highly dynamic transcriptome of Trypanosoma brucei
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
9 Daniel Nilsson Jun 25, 2010
Epigenetic regulation of transcription and virulence in Trypanosoma cruzi by O-linked thymine glucosylation of DNA
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
8 Daniel Nilsson Jan 21, 2011
Accurate Identification of A-to-I RNA editing in human by transcriptome sequencing
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
2 Gang Li Sep 21, 2011
DNMT3B7, an aberrant DNMT3B isoform, suppresses growth, induces differentiation, and alters DNA methylation in human neuroblastoma
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
3 Kelly R Ostler Oct 05, 2012
Comparison of DNA methylation in human tissues
9 Janine LaSalle Mar 28, 2013
Cohesin-based chromatin interactions enable regulated gene expression within pre-existing architectural compartments.
13 Andre J Faure Aug 13, 2013
Enhancers implicate new genes in QT interval below GWAS detection threshold
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
  • Other
3 Xinchen Wang Oct 10, 2014
Condensin-Driven Remodeling of X-Chromosome Topology during Dosage Compensation
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Barbara J. Meyer Jun 03, 2015
Epigenomic Signatures of Neuronal Diversity in the Mammalian Brain
31 Alisa Mo Jun 17, 2015
BRD7 overexpression cells
4 Wei Xiong Feb 12, 2018
Suppression of NAF-1 in Breast Cancer Cells Reduces their Tumorigenicity by Interfering with Cellular Iron Distribution and Metabolism and Ensuing ROS Formation and Apoptosis
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
6 Rajeev K. Azad Feb 05, 2016
Disruption of Na+/H+ exchanger regulatory factor 2 scaffold suppresses colon cancer proliferation
  • Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
9 Viren Patel May 05, 2016
Genome-wide maps of PBX3-binding sites and Quantitative Analysis of PBX3-Regulated Transcriptomes
5 haibo Han Sep 24, 2015
Epigenomic Landscapes of Retinal Rods and Cones
33 Alisa Mo Mar 07, 2016
Structural organization of the inactive X chromosome
8 Bryan R Lajoie Jul 18, 2016
The complex genetics of hypoplastic left heart syndrome
18 Cecilia W Lo Apr 13, 2017
A Domestication-Selected Retrotransposon for Quenching Genomic Immunity in Rice
11 yiwen Deng Mar 08, 2018
A coding sequence-embedded principle governs translational reading frame fidelity
7 Ji Wan Apr 12, 2016