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Maternal Smchd1 regulates Hox gene expression and patterning in the mouse embryo [H2AK119ub CUT&RUN]
28 Natalia Benetti Jun 27, 2022
High dimensional association detection in large-scale genomic data
8 Ross Hardison Nov 18, 2020
Rapid chromatin switch in the direct reprogramming of fibroblasts to neurons
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41 Qian Yi Lee Sep 25, 2017
Genome wide map of DMC1 in testis of Stag3-/-, Rec8-/- and Stag3-/-Rec8-/- mice.
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14 Mary Ann Handel Mar 07, 2019
The Transcription factor Zeb2 ia required to maintain tissue-specific identities of macrophages
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52 Liesbet Martens Jul 14, 2018
The KDM4/JMJD2 histone demethylases are required for hematopoietic stem cell maintenance
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Karl Agger Apr 02, 2019
Antibiotics treatment ameliorates TET2 loss-of-function associated hematological malignancies
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12 Jia Li Apr 01, 2021
Stellate cells, hepatocytes and endothelial cells imprint the Kupffer cell identity on monocytes colonizing the liver macrophage niche
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72 Liesbet Martens Aug 14, 2019
Sexual dimorphism in the meiotic requirement for PRDM9: a mammalian evolutionary safeguard
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7 Natalie R Powers Oct 23, 2020
Distinct signature, origin and dynamics of macrophages in the peripheral and central nervous system
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41 Liesbet Martens Feb 04, 2020
Transcriptomic analysis of cardiomyocyte upon OSKM induction
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8 Stefan Günther Sep 24, 2021
Mesomelic Dysplasias Associated With The HOXD Locus Are Caused By Regulatory Reallocations
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23 Lucille Lopez-Delisle Jul 20, 2021
Maternal Smchd1 regulates Hox gene expression and patterning in the mouse embryo [H3K27me3 CUT&RUN]
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31 Natalia Benetti Jun 27, 2022
High-throughput screen reveals purinergic receptor as a therapeutic target in circadian β-cell failure
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16 Benjamin J Weidemann Nov 03, 2021
CTCF-dependent insulation of Hoxb13 and the heterochronic control of tail length [RNA-seq gastruloid]
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26 Lucille Lopez-Delisle Jul 18, 2024