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Post-transcriptional Gene Silencing Mediated by microRNAs is Controlled by Nucleoplasmic Sfpq
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46 Silvia Bottini Oct 20, 2017
Molecular function of stress-dependent epigenetic regulator ATF7 in paternal inheritance of dietary effect on offspring phenotype
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78 Keisuke Yoshida Mar 09, 2020
MicroRNA-mRNA expression profiles and functional networks of Submandibular Gland in type 2 diabetic db/db mice
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16 huimin liu Dec 01, 2021
Omics analyses of B3 pre-B cell line from STATegra Project
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144 Ana Conesa Feb 28, 2017
MiCEE: a ncRNA-protein complex mediates epigenetic silencing and nucleolus organization
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12 Guillermo Barreto Apr 06, 2018
Fetal and adult progenitors give rise to unique populations of CD8+ T cells
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10 Andrew Grimson Jan 06, 2017
LTR-retrotransposon control by tRNA-derived small RNA
54 Robert A Martienssen Jun 29, 2017
TET-dependent regulation of retrotransposable elements in mouse embryonic stem cells
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21 Miguel R Branco Oct 28, 2016
Lamins organize the three dimensional genome from nuclear periphery in ES cells
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40 Yixian Zheng Nov 01, 2017
Analysis of the effect of two IgH superenhancer deletion on IgH locus transcription
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16 Kevin Lebrigand Jun 13, 2017
Loss of a mammalian circular RNA locus causes miRNA deregulation and affects brain function
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71 Petar Glazar Aug 11, 2017
miR-140 mutation and skeletal dysplasia
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32 Hiroshi I. Suzuki Jan 29, 2019
Enhanced neuronal regeneration in the CAST/Ei mouse strain is linked to expression of differentiation markers after injury
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530 Kenneth S. Kosik Aug 01, 2017
High-Resolution Dissection of Conducive Somatic Cell Reprogramming to Naïve Ground State Pluripotency in Mbd3/NuRD and Gatad2a/NuRD Depleted Systems
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243 Noa Novershtern Jul 15, 2018
YAP/TAZ initiates gastric tumorigenesis via upregulation of MYC
8 Wonyoung Choi Apr 23, 2018
Interrogating the functions of PRDM9 domains in meiosis
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28 Galina Petukhova Apr 27, 2018
LncRNAs and open chromatin regions constitute midbrain dopaminergic neuron- specific molecular signatures
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11 Philippe Ravassard Jan 09, 2019
Non-coding regions are the main source of tumor-specific antigens [mouse]
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8 Krystel Vincent Oct 18, 2018
Concerted regulation of mitochondrial and nuclear non-coding RNAs by a dual-targeted RNase Z
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18 Stefan J Siira Aug 20, 2018
An exploratory study to examine the effects of maternal choline supplementation during mouse pregnancy on placental epigenetic markers
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23 Jennifer K Grenier Apr 10, 2018