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The healing myocardium mobilizes a distinct B-cell subset through a CXCL13-CXCR5-dependent mechanism
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1 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba May 29, 2021
Barcoded viral tracing of single-cell interactions in CNS inflammation
128 Michael Wheeler Apr 22, 2021
Multimodal profiling of the transcriptional regulatory landscape of the developing mouse cortex identifies Neurog2 as a key epigenome remodeler
36 Boyan Bonev Jan 27, 2022
Hijacking of transcriptional condensates by endogenous retroviruses
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78 Sara Hetzel Mar 30, 2022
KMT2C Loss Promotes Small Cell Lung Cancer Metastasis through DNMT3A-mediated Epigenetic Reprogramming
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55 Xaingyu Pan Feb 23, 2022
Synergy of chemotherapy and macrophage depletion leads to T cell memory activation and durable triple negative breast cancer regression
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12 Swarnima Singh Apr 04, 2022
Loss of retinoic acid signaling drives immune escape in IDH mutant gliomas
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4 Nduka Amankulor Apr 19, 2024
A single cell atlas of human glioma under therapy
113 Aaron Diaz Jul 05, 2022
Identification of Pathogenic Immune Cell Subsets in Checkpoint Inhibitor-induced Myocarditis
65 Han Zhu Jun 29, 2022
Transcriptomics of skin reveal potential molecular mechanisms of psoriasis
6 Dijun Chen Dec 17, 2021
Aged intestinal stem cells propagate cell-intrinsic sources of inflammaging in mice
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Erica Valentini Oct 26, 2023
Spatial transcriptomic profiling of the aging mouse brain [spatial scRNA-seq]
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8 Cheng Wu Feb 20, 2024
Spatial transcriptomic maps of whole mouse embryos
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23 Luyi Tian Feb 28, 2022
Mesenchymal glioma stem cells trigger vasectasia, a distinct neovascularization process mediated by extracellular vesicles carrying EGFR [scRNA-seq]
45 Janusz Rak Mar 04, 2024
Spatial transcriptomics analysis of wild type, 5XFAD mice, 5XFAD mice treated with either vehicle or human neural stem cells (hNSC)
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Mohamed Noureldein Dec 31, 2023
Identifying gene combinations for targeting innate immune cells to enhance T cells activation
81 Oren Parnas Sep 13, 2023
Cross-amplified Barcodes on Slides for Spatial Transcriptomics Sequencing
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1 Zhengyang Jin Aug 26, 2022
Divergent outcomes of anti-PD-L1 treatment coupled with host-intrinsic differences in TCR repertoire and distinct T cell activation states in responding versus non-responding tumors
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Jing Hong Wang Oct 10, 2022
Gene expression and VDJ TCR profile of follicular T cells from immunized with nuclear proteins and control mice
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8 Irina Grigorova Oct 25, 2022
Probing pathways by which rhynchophylline modifies sleep using spatial transcriptomics
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8 Valerie Mongrain May 05, 2023