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High-content single-cell combinatorial indexing
6 Ryan M Mulqueen May 28, 2021
9sCa: MSL2 is an allelic dosage sensor in mammals
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244 Asifa Akhtar Aug 10, 2023
Hierarchical deployment of Tbx3 dictating the identity of hypothalamic Tac2/Kiss1 neurons
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18 Qing-Feng Wu Jan 30, 2022
Single-cell nascent RNA sequencing using click-chemistry unveils coordinated transcription
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82 Dig B Mahat Sep 15, 2023
Spatial transcriptome analysis (Slide-seq2) of mouse main olfactory bulb
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40 I-Hao Wang Jan 31, 2022
Mouse olfactory sensory neurons, main olfactory epithelium and main olfactory bulb
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55 I-Hao Wang Jan 31, 2022
Multiomics reveals persistence of obesity-associated immune cell phenotypes in adipose tissue during weight loss and subsequent weight regain
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8 Matthew A Cottam Mar 04, 2022
Epithelial Plasticity and Innate Immune Activation Promote Lung Tissue Remodeling following Respiratory Viral Infection.
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32 Barry Stripp Aug 08, 2023
Blocking of CA-MSC-induced desmoplasia reprograms the tumor immune microenvironment and enhances cancer immunotherapy
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2 Ronald J Buckanovich Oct 06, 2021
Single-cell TCR-sequencing of T cells in crescentic glomerulonephritis
18 Yu Zhao Mar 31, 2023
An Erratic Gene Expression Signature in Primary Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Implications for Interpretations of Aging
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2 Anna Konturek-Ciesla Nov 29, 2023
10X single-cell RNA-seq profiling of T cells from the pancreas, pancreatic lymph nodes, and blood of NOD mice with spontaneous or anti-PD-1-induced Type 1 Diabetes
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27 Jenna Lynn Collier Jul 05, 2023
LXR signaling controls homeostatic dendritic cell maturation [scRNAseq]
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4 Sophie Janssens Mar 30, 2023
Dietary protein shapes the profile and repertoire of intestinal CD4+ T cells
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15 Tiago Castro May 13, 2023
Loss of function of XBP1 splicing activity of IRE1a favors B cell tolerance breakdown
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9 Sophie Janssens Nov 20, 2023
Natural killer cell proliferation requires canonical IRE1 function during viral infection (CITE-Seq)
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18 Sophie Janssens Oct 27, 2023
Mesenchymal glioma stem cells trigger vasectasia, a distinct neovascularization process mediated by extracellular vesicles carrying EGFR [scRNA-seq]
45 Janusz Rak Mar 04, 2024
Polony gels enable amplifiable DNA stamping and spatial transcriptomics of chronic pain
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4 Xiaonan Fu Oct 31, 2022
Deciphering cell states and genealogies of human hematopoiesis with single-cell multi-omics
56 Chen Weng Nov 18, 2023
scRNAseq and scATACseq of Cd45+ cells from brains of 5XFAD mice bearing distinct APOE alleles and across age
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8 Alon Millet Dec 29, 2023