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Single-cell RNAseq of murine Peyer's patches after one dose of anti-α4β7 antibody or PBS
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4 Darwin D'Souza Jun 12, 2024
Intratumoral antigen-signalling traps CD8+ T cells to confine exhaustion to the tumour site (scRNA-Seq)
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49 James Thaventhiran May 25, 2024
IL-18-secreting multi-antigen targeting CAR T-cells eliminate antigen-low myeloma in an immunocompetent mouse model [in vivo]
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6 Anastasia I Kousa May 15, 2024
Arthritogenic SKG T cells have a transcriptional program of activation and a repertoire pruned by superantigen
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28 Yang Sun Apr 05, 2024
Spatial transcriptomics of brains from tumor-bearing C57BL/6 mice
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1 Arantxa Tabernero Mar 28, 2024
Unleashing natural IL-18 activity using an anti-IL-18BP blocker antibody induces potent immune stimulation and anti-tumor effects
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12 Roy Granit Mar 15, 2024
A pairwise cytokine code explains the organism-wide response to sepsis [Spatial transcriptomics by Array-seq]
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Michihiro Takahama Jan 08, 2024
Donor regulatory T cells rapidly adapt to recipient tissues to control acute graft-versus-host disease [scRNA-seq & scTCR-seq]
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21 Michael Rehli Jan 01, 2024
Spatial Transcriptomics Using Multiplexed Deterministic Barcoding in Tissue
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26 Johannes Wirth Feb 09, 2023