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Open-ST: High-resolution spatial transcriptomics in 3D
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27 Daniel León-Perinán Jun 23, 2024
A spatiotemporal molecular atlas of mouse spinal cord injury identifies a distinct astrocyte subpopulation and therapeutic potential of IGFBP2
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16 Guangdun Peng Jun 19, 2024
Primary nasal viral infection rewires the tissue-scale memory response
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42 Jose Ordovas-Montanes Jun 17, 2024
scRNA-Seq reveals anti-fibrotic mechanisms of TRPC6 inhibition [Spatial Transcriptomics]
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2 Yao Xu Jun 08, 2024
Intratumoral antigen-signalling traps CD8+ T cells to confine exhaustion to the tumour site (scRNA-Seq)
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49 James Thaventhiran May 25, 2024
Nextflow Pipeline for Visium and H&E Data from Patient-Derived Xenograft Samples
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4 Jeffrey H Chuang May 21, 2024
Epigenetic regulation by dynamic RNA G-quadruplex folding and unfolding (DMS-Seq)
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yongwoo lee May 17, 2024
G-quadruplex folding in Xist RNA antagonizes PRC2 activity for step-wise regulation of X-chromosome inactivation
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36 yongwoo lee May 17, 2024
Dissecting developmental disorders caused by CTCF mutation at R567
71 gongcheng Hu May 05, 2024
Maternal Schistosomiasis Bone Marrow B Cell V(D)J scRNAseq
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10 Keke Celeste Fairfax May 01, 2024
Maternal and Chronic Schistosoma Infection Bone Marrow B cell scRNAseq
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Keke Celeste Fairfax May 01, 2024
Maternal Schistosomiasis 14 days post immunization draining lymph node V(D)J scRNAseq
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12 Keke Celeste Fairfax May 01, 2024
Dynamic Chromatin Boundaries of TCR Loci Coincide V(D)J recombination During T Cell Development
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79 Hao bingtao Apr 27, 2024
Pervasive nuclear envelope ruptures precede ECM signaling and disease onset without activating cGAS-STING in Lamin cardiomyopathy mice [SLAM-IT-seq]
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Kohta Ikegami Apr 26, 2024
Lrp10 suppresses IL7R limiting CD8 T cell homeostatic expansion and anti-tumor immunity
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4 Evan Nair-Gill Apr 26, 2024
Epigenetic evolution of the Ly49 gene family
65 Changxu Fan Apr 20, 2024
Loss of retinoic acid signaling drives immune escape in IDH mutant gliomas
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4 Nduka Amankulor Apr 19, 2024
Innate-like T cell subset commitment in the murine thymus is independent of TCR characteristics and occurs during proliferation
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3 Anne-laure Le gac Apr 10, 2024
Arthritogenic SKG T cells have a transcriptional program of activation and a repertoire pruned by superantigen
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28 Yang Sun Apr 05, 2024
Epithelial-Immune Metabolic Codependency Fuels Inflammatory Disease
38 Shruti Naik Apr 01, 2024