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Highly parallel genome-wide expression profiling of individual cells using nanoliter droplets
203 Evan Macosko May 20, 2015
Determination of branch point (BP) usage by wild-type and mutant SF3B1 using a minigene library
7 MANOJ PILLAI Oct 30, 2018
Functional characterization of thousands of type 2 diabetes-associated and chromatin-modulating variants under steady state and endoplasmic reticulum stress
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9 Shubham Khetan Feb 21, 2020
CRISPR and biochemical screens identify MAZ as a co-factor in CTCF-mediated insulation at Hox clusters
138 Danny Reinberg Feb 06, 2022
Identifying non-genetic determinants of malignant clonal fitness at single cell resolution (primary leukaemia barcode-seq)
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14 Mark Dawson Nov 08, 2021
Non-coding CRISPR interference screen to identify regulatory elements of Xist in TX1072 XX SP107 mESCs at the onset of random X inactivation
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11 Till Schwämmle Mar 04, 2021
MapToCleave: high-throughput profiling of microRNA biogenesis in living cells
56 Marc Riemer Friedländer Nov 16, 2021
CRISPR and biochemical screens Identify MAZ as a co-factor in CTCF-mediated insulation at Hox Clusters [CRISPR_set8]
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13 Danny Reinberg Feb 06, 2022
Paired single-cell host profiling with multiplex-tagged bacterial mutants reveals intracellular virulence-immune networks
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Noa Bossel Ben-Moshe Jun 21, 2023
DNA barcoding reveals ongoing immunoediting of clonal cancer populations during metastatic progression and in response to immunotherapy [DNA barcodes: IT_and_cont_4T1_BC250000]
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34 Alexander Swarbrick Aug 02, 2022
Regulation of mouse chamber selective enhancers
82 Xiaoran Zhang Jan 30, 2023
Transcription factor interactions explain the context-dependent activity of CRX binding sites
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4 Michael Aaron White Mar 05, 2023
Macrophage Mannose receptor (MRC1) mediates uptake of dextran in murine bone-marrow derived macrophages via a receptor-mediated endocytic process
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9 Natalie W Thiex Oct 01, 2023
Asterix/Gtsf1 links tRNAs and piRNA silencing of retrotransposons
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24 Jonathan James Ipsaro Feb 20, 2021
A compendium of conserved cleavage and polyadenylation events in mammalian genes
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128 Bin Tian Aug 08, 2018
Epigenetic evolution of the Ly49 gene family
65 Changxu Fan Apr 20, 2024
The piRNA Response to Retroviral Invasion of the Koala Genome
31 Tianxiong Yu Oct 12, 2019
An endogenous retrovirus-derived long non-coding RNA promotes fetal cardiomyocyte migration in primates
60 Lei Tian Aug 11, 2020
Sequencing short capped RNAs captures acute transcription initiation and identifies promoter and distal regulatory elements across eukaryotes from total RNA
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40 Christopher Benner Sep 16, 2019
Dynamics of gene silencing during X inactivation using allele-specific RNA-Seq
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20 Hendrik Marks Jun 15, 2015