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An endogenous retrovirus-derived long non-coding RNA promotes fetal cardiomyocyte migration in primates
60 Lei Tian Aug 11, 2020
Bcor loss perturbs myeloid differentiation and promotes leukaemogenesis
  • Link icon Mus musculus
47 Madison Kelly Feb 07, 2019
Dichotomous Engagement of HDAC3 Activity Governs Inflammatory Responses
  • Link icon Mus musculus
273 Hoang Nguyen Apr 30, 2020
Neuronal Nsun2 deficiency is associated with codon-specific epitranscriptomic dysregulation of Gly-tRNAs and corresponding proteomic shift impacting synaptic signaling and behavior
  • Link icon Mus musculus
103 Jennifer Blaze Jul 01, 2021
YTHDF2 suppresses the plasmablast genetic program and promotes germinal center formation
  • Link icon Mus musculus
25 Ziv Shulman Apr 24, 2022
Transcriptional and epigenomic profiling identifies YAP signaling as a key regulator of intestinal epithelium maturation
  • Link icon Mus musculus
41 Laura Maarit Pikkupeura Jul 13, 2023