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LncRNA DINO guides DNA damage signaling
56 Adam Schmitt Dec 30, 2015
Cell-of-origin specific 3D genome structure acquired during somatic cell reprogramming
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85 Elzo de Wit Mar 01, 2016
A long noncoding RNA lincRNA-EPS acts as a transcriptional brake to restrain inflammation
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12 Howard Chang May 08, 2016
Polarized regulatory landscape and Wnt responsiveness underlie Hox activation in embryos
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65 Jacqueline Deschamps Sep 16, 2016
A multi-step transcriptional and chromatin cascade underlies motor neuron programming (ATAC-Seq)
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4 Shaun Mahony Dec 07, 2016
YY1 and CTCF Orchestrate a 3D Chromatin Looping Switch during Early Neural Lineage Commitment
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16 Jennifer E Phillips-Cremins May 22, 2017
The energetics and physiological impact of cohesin extrusion
352 Seolkyoung Jung May 01, 2018
Bcor loss perturbs myeloid differentiation and promotes leukaemogenesis
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47 Madison Kelly Feb 07, 2019
The role of beta-catenin signaling in regulating barrier vs. non-barrier gene expression programs in circumventricular organ and ocular vasculatures
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52 Mark F Sabbagh Mar 26, 2019
Targeting enhancer switching overcomes non-genetic drug resistance in acute myeloid leukaemia [Click-seq]
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5 Mark Dawson May 21, 2019
Targeting enhancer switching overcomes non-genetic drug resistance in acute myeloid leukaemia
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86 Mark Dawson May 21, 2019
Satb1 integrates DNA sequence, shape, motif density and torsional stress to selectively bind a subset of putative targets in nucleosome-dense regions of the genome
20 Jan Liphardt May 28, 2019
Regulation of CHD2 expression by a long noncoding RNA is essential for mammalian development
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75 Igor Ulitsky Sep 23, 2019
Re-configuration of Chromatin Structure During the Mitosis-G1 Phase Progression
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75 Gerd A Blobel Nov 27, 2019
HBO1 is required for the maintenance of leukaemia stem cells
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Mark Dawson Dec 18, 2019
Polycomb Mediated Chromatin Organization Reveals Transcriptional Silencers Required for Embryonic Development
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107 Chia-Lin Wei Jan 07, 2020
Nucleosomes protect DNA from irradiation-induced double strand breaks in living cells
34 Jose Manuel Garcia-Manteiga Jul 07, 2020
Direct DNA crosslinking with CAP-C uncovers transcription-dependent chromatin organization at high resolution
76 Youzhi Cheng Aug 22, 2020
Effect of Ythdf2 in haematopoiesis
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Kamil R Kranc Oct 29, 2020
Muscle progenitor specification and myogenic differentiation are associated with changes in chromatin topology.
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26 Nan Zhang Oct 31, 2020