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Dynamic reorganization of extremely long-range promoter-promoter interactions between two states of pluripotency
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76 Shuang-Yin Wang Dec 07, 2015
Unlinking a lncRNA from its associated cis element [Capture-C]
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4 Vikram Paralkar Jun 01, 2016
A hyperactive transcriptional state marks genome reactivation at the mitosis-G1 transition [CaptureC]
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26 Ross Hardison Jun 15, 2016
A hyperactive transcriptional state marks genome reactivation at the mitosis-G1 transition
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77 Ross Hardison Jun 15, 2016
Hierarchical RNA processing is rate limiting for mitochondrial ribosome assembly
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12 Stefan J Siira Aug 04, 2016
High-throughput single-base resolution mapping of 2’-O-Methylated residues
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15 Danny Incarnato Sep 13, 2016
Polarized regulatory landscape and Wnt responsiveness underlie Hox activation in embryos
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65 Jacqueline Deschamps Sep 16, 2016
Clonally stable Vκ allelic choice instructs Igκ repertoire
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32 Yehudit Bergman Apr 01, 2017
Mll3 and Mll4 facilitate enhancer RNA synthesis and transcriptional elongation from promoters independently of H3K4 monomethylation
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48 Kristel Dorighi May 05, 2017
SET1A/COMPASS and shadow enhancers in the regulation of homeotic gene expression
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193 Ali Shilatifard May 09, 2017
Krox20 hindbrain regulation involves multiple modes of cooperation between cis-acting elements
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71 Pascale Gilardi-Hebenstreit Jul 18, 2017
Lamins organize the three dimensional genome from nuclear periphery in ES cells
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40 Yixian Zheng Nov 01, 2017
LRPPRC-mediated folding of the mitochondrial transcriptome
28 Stefan J Siira Nov 21, 2017
Transcriptome-wide profiling of translation efficiency using mRNA-seq and Ribo-seq in ER stress-induced NIH3T3 cells
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8 Yumi Woo Jan 01, 2018
Transcriptional and cistromic profiling of mouse nephron progenitor cells
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42 Andrew P McMahon Jan 17, 2018
Epitranscriptomic m6A Regulation of Axon Regeneration in the Adult Mammalian Nervous System
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24 Guo-li Ming Jan 17, 2018
Enhancer invasion shapes MYCN dependent transcriptional amplification in neuroblastoma
144 James Bradner Jan 29, 2018
Interplay between genome topology and gene regulation during somatic cell reprogramming
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57 Thomas Graf Jan 30, 2018
MiCEE: a ncRNA-protein complex mediates epigenetic silencing and nucleolus organization
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12 Guillermo Barreto Apr 06, 2018
Srf destabilizes cell identity
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41 Takashi Ikeda Apr 18, 2018