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Single-cell analysis of human PBMCs in healthy and type 2 diabetes populations: Dysregulated immune networks in type 2 diabetes unveiled through single-cell profiling
30 Do-eon GU Jun 12, 2024
B cells require DOCK8 to elicit and integrate T cell help when antigen is limiting
4 Mukta Deobagkar Jun 11, 2024
scRNA-Seq reveals anti-fibrotic mechanisms of TRPC6 inhibition [Spatial Transcriptomics]
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2 Yao Xu Jun 08, 2024
Deciphering spatial domains from spatial multi-omics with SpatialGlue
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8 David Gate Jun 07, 2024
Ehmt2 Inactivation in Pancreatic Epithelial Cells Shapes the Transcriptional Landscape and Inflammation Response of the Whole Pancreas [Spatial transcriptomics]
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4 Gwen Lomberk Jun 06, 2024
Spatial Transcriptomics Unravels Palmitoylation and Zonation-Dependent Gene Regulation by AEG-1 in Mouse Liver
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2 Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research Bioinformatics Core Jun 05, 2024
Early human fetal lung atlas reveals the temporal dynamics of epithelial cell plasticity [Visium]
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2 Amy Wong Jun 04, 2024
Early human fetal lung atlas reveals the temporal dynamics of epithelial cell plasticity [Xenium]
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2 Amy Wong Jun 04, 2024
Spatial transcriptomics analysis identifies a unique tumor-promoting function of the meningeal stroma in melanoma leptomeningeal disease.
9 Oscar E Ospina Jun 03, 2024
Microbiota dictate T cell clonal selection to augment graft-vs-host disease after stem cell transplantation
3 Albert C Yeh Jun 03, 2024
Spatial transcriptomics of 3 H3.3K27M pDMG samples
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3 Marie Castets Jun 03, 2024
CD161 expression of TRM cells counteracts the HPV-associated clinical benefit in oropharyngeal cancer immunotherapy
30 Junha Cha Jun 01, 2024
Spatial gene expression of canine veins during carotid-cartoid vein bypass implantation
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8 Marina Michaud May 29, 2024
Intratumoral antigen-signalling traps CD8+ T cells to confine exhaustion to the tumour site (scRNA-Seq)
49 James Thaventhiran May 25, 2024
Metabolic adaptation pilots the differentiation of human hematopoietic cells (scRNA-Seq and CITE-Seq)
18 Laëtitia RACINE May 22, 2024
Single-cell multiomics profiling reveals heterogeneous transcriptional programs and microenvironment in Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors [Visium: Spatial transcriptomics]
6 Clémence Henon May 22, 2024
Nextflow Pipeline for Visium and H&E Data from Patient-Derived Xenograft Samples
4 Jeffrey H Chuang May 21, 2024
Characterization of Transcriptome and Chromatin Interactome in Accessible Regions at Single-cell Resolution by scAIR
2 Tian (Simon) Zhongyuan May 21, 2024
Neoadjuvant sintilimab plus chemotherapy in early-stage EGFR-mutant NSCLC: phase 2 trial interim results (NEOTIDE/CTONG2104)
88 Yuxuan Sun May 17, 2024
Multi-Omics molecular subtyping based on commensal microbiome predicts molecular characteristics and therapeutic response in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer [Spatial Transcriptome seq]
4 Qi Feng May 17, 2024