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PAR-CLIP analysis of neuroblastoma cells in response to amidino-rocaglate treatment
8 Marina Volegova Jun 25, 2024
An in situ method for identification of transcriptome-wide protein-RNA interactions in cells [in_situ_STAMP - Long-Read]"
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2 Brian Yee Jun 13, 2024
NanoDam Profiling of EGL-43 and FOS-1 in Dopaminergic Neurons
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9 Callista Yee May 29, 2024
Complementary Ribo-seq approaches refine the translatome and provide a small protein census in a bacterial pathogen
30 Rick Gelhausen May 23, 2024
Transcriptome-wide mRNA condensation precedes stress granule formation and excludes stress-induced transcripts
279 D Allan Drummond Apr 26, 2024
Dynamics and consequences of widespread transcript isoform changes during neuronal differentiation [ONT-Seq]
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9 Dr. Andreas Mayer Apr 10, 2024
Improved RNA stability estimation through Bayesian modeling reveals most bacterial transcripts have sub-minute half-lives [CLIP-seq]
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12 Laura Jenniches Mar 26, 2024
The 3’ UTR of vigR is required for virulence in Staphylococcus aureus and has expanded through STAR sequence repeat insertions
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4 Jai Justin Tree Feb 20, 2024
Linker histone H1 drives heterochromatin condensation via phase separation in Arabidopsis
14 Xiaoqi Feng Feb 15, 2024
The Helicobacter pylori Methylome is Acid-Responsive due to Regulation by the Two-Component System ArsRS and the Type I DNA Methyltransferase HsdM1 (HP0463)
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6 Mark Forsyth Jan 01, 2024
Homeodomain proteins hierarchically specify neuronal diversity and synaptic connectivity
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3 Chris Doe Nov 05, 2023
Chromatin state transitions in the Drosophila intestinal lineage reveal principles of cell type specification [DamID]
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51 Allison Bardin Oct 26, 2023
Chromatin state transitions in the Drosophila intestinal lineage reveal principles of cell type specification
63 Allison Bardin Oct 26, 2023
NanoDam Profiling of EGL-43 in the Anchor Cell
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6 Callista Yee Jun 30, 2023
Sites of transcription initiation drive mRNA isoform selection [HumanOrganoids]
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6 Valérie Hilgers May 10, 2023
Genomic and Transcriptional Characterisation of Carbapenem and Colistin Resistance Mechanisms in Klebsiella pneumoniae
22 John Osei Sekyere Nov 07, 2022
Enterococcus Grad-seq and KhpB RIP-seq
46 Jörg Vogel Nov 03, 2022
Memory phase-specific genes identified by CrebB-target DamID in the Mushroom Bodies
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30 Noemi Sgammeglia Oct 19, 2022
Molecular Epidemiology of Enterobacterales Resistant to Antibiotics of Last Resort in Pregnant Women in Labour at a Tertiary Hospital
5 John Osei Sekyere Jul 20, 2022
A leukemia-protective germline variant mediates chromatin module formation via transcription factor nucleation
18 Bart Deplancke Feb 08, 2022