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Allele-specific gene expression in stickleback (Apeltes quadracus) spine and fins
85 David M Kingsley Sep 01, 2022
Whole-genome resequencing of T-DNA insertion lines
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9 Quentin Gouil Aug 15, 2017
Genes important for DNA damage response in Bacillus subtilis
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57 Lyle A Simmons Jun 27, 2018
Bacteriophage antidefense genes that neutralize TIR and STING immune responses
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6 Douglas Edmund Feldman Mar 27, 2023
A single 3D chromatin compartment in amphioxus Hox cluster suggests a stepwise evolutionary origin for vertebrate Hox bimodal regulatory topologies
74 Juan J. Tena Dec 16, 2015
High-throughput splicing assays identify missense and silent splice-disruptive POU1F1 variants underlying pituitary hormone deficiency
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18 Jacob Kitzman Apr 22, 2021
Multi-virus CRISPR screening data in VeroE6 cells
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31 Julia Belk Feb 24, 2021
Position-dependent function of human sequence-specific transcription factors
56 Christopher Benner Apr 26, 2024
High-throughput sequencing technology identify the CGMMV responsive genes, lncRNAs and cirRNAs in watermelon
3 li lei Apr 24, 2019
Sequencing of reaction products from protospacer integration by Cas1-Cas2
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4 James Nunez Jan 30, 2015
The miRNAs and their targets in cucumber shoot apexes in response to temperature and photoperiod environments
25 Xiaohui Zhang Jul 31, 2018
The shift from early to late types of ribosomes in zebrafish development involves changes at a subset of rRNA 2’-O-Me sites
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18 Nicolai Krogh Oct 01, 2020
Hi-C guided assemblies reveal conserved regulatory topologies on X and autosomes despite extensive genome shuffling [HiC]
5 Asifa Akhtar Oct 14, 2019
Functional annotation of transcriptional factors transactivation domains
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8 Alexander Stark Jul 10, 2018
High throughput in vivo mapping of RNA accessible interfaces to identify functional sRNA binding sites
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12 Mia Mihailovic Oct 06, 2018
Influence of the putative transcription factor ClbR and the thioesterase ClbQ on colibactin synthesis regulation and characterization of critical transcription start sites in Escherichia coli
6 Ulrich Dobrindt Jan 17, 2020
Multimodal profiling of the transcriptional regulatory landscape of the developing mouse cortex identifies Neurog2 as a key epigenome remodeler
36 Boyan Bonev Jan 27, 2022
The dynamic, combinatorial cis-regulatory lexicon of epidermal differentiation [MPRA]
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14 Daniel Sunwook Kim Jul 30, 2021
The dynamic, combinatorial cis-regulatory lexicon of epidermal differentiation
46 Daniel Sunwook Kim Aug 04, 2021
Joint epigenome profiling reveals cell-type-specific gene regulatory programs in human cortical organoids
27 Boyan Bonev Aug 23, 2023