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DSS-colitis induced in young age accelerates the onset of cognitive defects in Tg2576 mice, a model of Alzheimer disease
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44 Matteo Ramazzotti May 29, 2024
First exploration of the altered microbial gut-lung axis in the pathogenesis of human refractory chronic cough
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39 Matteo Ramazzotti Apr 17, 2024
Experimental tests strongly challenge the evidence of a healthy human blood microbiome
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15 Matteo Ramazzotti Mar 01, 2024
Evaluating the microbiota shift caused by Msc knock-out in wild type and DSS-induced colitis mice
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16 Matteo Ramazzotti Jan 06, 2024
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of stool, skin and saliva samples of patients affected by systemic sclerosis (SSc)
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78 Matteo Ramazzotti Dec 28, 2023
Comparing the microbiota composition between HPV positive and negative patients with CRC
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22 Matteo Ramazzotti Oct 15, 2023
Comparing the adrenal gland microbiota composition between healthy subjects and patient with adrenal corticoma
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35 Matteo Ramazzotti Sep 20, 2023
Analysis of microbiota composition within breast tumor and healthy breast tissues in males and females
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41 Matteo Ramazzotti Jun 14, 2023
Comparing the microbiota composition between Cocaine addicted and Healthy subjects and the corresponding shift caused by rTMS treatment.
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159 Matteo Ramazzotti May 31, 2023
Comparing the microbiota composition of stool, intestinal biopsy and saliva between patients with Adenoma and Adenocarcinoma
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148 Matteo Ramazzotti May 03, 2023
Survey of microbiota composition differences between obese subjects before and after Lactiplantibacillus plantarum probiotic treatment
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68 Matteo Ramazzotti May 03, 2023
Aging-related changes of facial skin microbiome in healthy women.
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15 Matteo Ramazzotti Feb 24, 2023
Microbiota exploring in CAVD: the potential fil rouge from aortic valve calcification to infiltrating bacteria
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20 Matteo Ramazzotti Feb 08, 2023
Successful Sulphide-driven Partial Denitrification: efficiency, stability and resiliency in SRT-controlled conditions
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4 Matteo Ramazzotti Dec 21, 2022
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of duodenal mucosa samples obtained by esophagogastroduodenoscopy from patients affected by potential celiac disease and celiac disease
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27 Matteo Ramazzotti Oct 19, 2022
Evaluating the gut microbiota shifts caused by two diets based on ancient grains
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74 Matteo Ramazzotti Aug 24, 2022
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of matched healthy and inflamed ileal mucosa from patients affected by Crohn’s disease (set 2)
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26 Matteo Ramazzotti Jul 21, 2022
Exploring the microbiota pecularity in stool and biopsies of Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA) patients
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45 Matteo Ramazzotti Jun 29, 2022
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of matched healthy and inflamed ileal mucosa from patients affected by Crohn’s disease
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20 Matteo Ramazzotti Nov 22, 2021
Analysis of the microbiota composition of colorectal mucosa tissues and adjacent healthy tissues of 40 patients affected by colorectal cancer.
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80 Matteo Ramazzotti Dec 17, 2020