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The Dynamic Epigenetic Landscape of the Retina During Development, Reprogramming, and Tumorigenesis
868 Beisi Xu May 03, 2017
In vivo high-throughput screening of novel adeno-associated viral capsids identifies variants for transduction of adult neural stem cells within the subventricular zone
4 Ana Martin-Villalba Feb 13, 2020
Dynamic Regulation of Tfh Clonal Selection During the Germinal Center Reaction
30 Thiago Y Oliveira Mar 19, 2020
Joint probabilistic modeling of paired transcriptome and proteome measurements in single cells [CITE-seq of mouse spleen and lymph nodes]
4 Zoë Steier May 15, 2020
MYC drives temporal evolution of small cell lung cancer subtypes by reprogramming neuroendocrine fate [SuperSeries]
38 Trudy Oliver May 28, 2020
Analysis of genome architecture during SCNT reveals a role of cohesin in impeding minor ZGA
75 Ke Zhang Jun 23, 2020
Self-reporting transposons enable simultaneous readout of gene expression and transcription factor binding in single cells
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27 Robi D Mitra Jul 23, 2020
Histone 1 deficiency drives lymphomagenesis through disruption of 3D chromatin architecture
53 Matt Teater Sep 02, 2020
Induction of antitumor activity of CD8+ T cells by inactivation of ATPIF1 through F1Fo-ATPase-mediated metabolic reprogramming
4 Genshen Zhong Sep 22, 2020
Single-Cell RNA-seq immune profile of normal and inflammed mouse skin
18 Jeffrey B Cheng Sep 26, 2020
Epigenomic Landscape of Mouse Brain by Single Nucleus Methylation Sequencing [CEMBA snm3C-seq]
5398 Joseph R Ecker Oct 12, 2020
CNS-Native Myeloid Cells Drive Immune Suppression in the Brain Metastatic Niche through Cxcl10 [R10_PD-L1+VISTA treatment]
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3 Siyuan Zhang Oct 29, 2020
Intravenous Nanoparticle Vaccination Generates Stem-Like TCF1+ Neoantigen-Specific CD8 T Cells
12 Robert Seder Nov 02, 2020
Differences in TCR repertoire and T cell activation underlie the divergent outcomes of anti-tumor immune responses in tumor-eradicating versus tumor-progressing hosts
19 Jing Hong Wang Jan 13, 2021
Activation of endogenous retroviruses during brain development causes neuroinflammation
38 Johan Jakobsson Feb 24, 2021
Tau aggregates are RNA-protein assemblies that mis-localize multiple nuclear speckle components
22 Evan Lester Apr 06, 2021
A Transcriptional Switch Governs Fibroblast Activation in Heart Disease
56 Pawel Przytycki Apr 08, 2021
Molecular tracking devices quantify antigen distribution and archiving in the lymph node.
8 Jay R. Hesselberth Apr 12, 2021
In vivo adenine base editing of PCSK9 in mice and macaques reduces LDL-cholesterol levels [RNA-seq]
22 Tanja Rothgangl Apr 13, 2021
In vivo adenine base editing of PCSK9 in mice and macaques reduces LDL-cholesterol levels
529 Tanja Rothgangl Apr 13, 2021