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Cross-amplified Barcodes on Slides for Spatial Transcriptomics Sequencing
1 Zhengyang Jin Aug 26, 2022
Spatial transcriptomics (Visium, Spatial 3' V1, 10x Genomics) analysis of heart tissues in a murine model of Kawasaki disease vasculitis
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2 David Zemmour Sep 14, 2021
The Cul5 E3 Ligase Complex Is a Key Negative Feedback Regulator of TCR/IL2 Signaling and Anti-Tumor Activity in CD8+ T Cells
2 jingjing Ren Sep 01, 2023
Differential chromatin accessibility and transcriptional dynamics define breast cancer subtypes and their lineages
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2 Li Ding Aug 10, 2023
KaedeGreen and Red CD8 T cells from vaccinia-GP33 infected skin
2 Amanda W Lund Jan 30, 2024
Kidins220 and Aiolos promote thymic iNKT cell development by reducing TCR signals
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2 Sagar - Mar 11, 2024
scRNA-Seq reveals anti-fibrotic mechanisms of TRPC6 inhibition [Spatial Transcriptomics]
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2 Yao Xu Jun 08, 2024
CNS-Native Myeloid Cells Drive Immune Suppression in the Brain Metastatic Niche through Cxcl10 [R10_PD-L1+VISTA treatment]
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3 Siyuan Zhang Oct 29, 2020
Single-cell reconstitution reveals persistence of clonal heterogeneity in the murine hematopoietic system [WES]
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3 Clara F Alves-Pereira May 20, 2022
De novo enhancer function in divergent hominin haplotypes
3 Craig Barrett Lowe Nov 23, 2022
Repertoire analysis of the repertoire of insulin-reactive B cells in type 1 diabetes-prone mice
3 John Cambier Sep 26, 2022
Circulating NK cells establish tissue-residency upon acute infection of skin and mediate accelerated effector responses to secondary infection
3 Georg Gasteiger Dec 28, 2023
Innate-like T cell subset commitment in the murine thymus is independent of TCR characteristics and occurs during proliferation
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3 Anne-laure Le gac Apr 10, 2024
In vivo high-throughput screening of novel adeno-associated viral capsids identifies variants for transduction of adult neural stem cells within the subventricular zone
4 Ana Martin-Villalba Feb 13, 2020
Joint probabilistic modeling of paired transcriptome and proteome measurements in single cells [CITE-seq of mouse spleen and lymph nodes]
4 Zoë Steier May 15, 2020
Induction of antitumor activity of CD8+ T cells by inactivation of ATPIF1 through F1Fo-ATPase-mediated metabolic reprogramming
4 Genshen Zhong Sep 22, 2020
LXR signaling controls homeostatic dendritic cell maturation [scRNAseq]
4 Sophie Janssens Mar 30, 2023
Spreading of inflammation: the skin-joint axis
4 Simon Rauber Jan 16, 2024
Single cell and spatial transcriptomics analysis of kidney double negative T lymphocytes in normal and ischemic mouse kidneys [spatial transcriptomics]
4 Emily Lo Dec 01, 2023
A novel model of binge ethanol exposure reveals enhanced neurodegeneration with advanced age
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4 paige Anton Mar 18, 2024