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Translatome and transcriptome analysis of resting B and T cells from mice
8 G Aneeshkumar Arimbasseri Aug 07, 2019
Targeted high-resolution chromosome conformation capture at genome-wide scale in mouse erythroid cells
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3 Damien Downes Oct 28, 2020
Co-existing TP53 and ARID1A mutations promote aggressive endometrial tumorigenesis
10 Ronald L. Chandler Dec 13, 2021
TET proteins regulate T cell and iNKT cell lineage specification in a TET2 catalytic dependent manner.
21 Tarmo Äijö Jul 15, 2022
Balanced SET levels favor the correct enhancer repertoire during cell fate acquisition
80 Luca Massimino Sep 12, 2022
Characterization and function of transcriptional elongation during zygotic genome activation in mouse embryos
123 Tamas Schauer Oct 01, 2022
Polony gels enable amplifiable DNA stamping and spatial transcriptomics of chronic pain
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4 Xiaonan Fu Oct 31, 2022
Tissue-specific interferon-gamma levels drive regulatory T cells to restrain DC1-mediated priming of cytotoxic T cells against lung cancer
12 Duncan Matthew Morgan Nov 17, 2022
A de novo transcription-dependent TAD boundary underpins critical multiway interactions during antibody class switch recombination
69 Maximilian Christian von der Linde Jan 20, 2023
PRC2.1 and PRC2.2 Specific Accessory Proteins Drive Recruitment of Different Forms of Canonical PRC1
189 Cheng Wang Apr 06, 2023
Ethanol induced transcriptional and translational changes in Aldh1l1-EGFP/Rpl10a cortical astrocyte cultures
18 Marina Guizzetti Jun 21, 2023
Joint epigenome profiling reveals cell-type-specific gene regulatory programs in human cortical organoids
27 Boyan Bonev Aug 23, 2023
Cre-dependent massively parallel reporter assay for cell-type specific assessment of the functional effects of 3'UTR genetic variants in vivo
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47 Joseph Dougherty Sep 20, 2023
On the genetic basis of tail-loss evolution in humans and apes
19 Bo Xia Jan 01, 2024
An activity-specificity trade-off encoded in human transcription factors
100 Alexandre P Magalhaes Feb 27, 2024
Direct neuronal reprogramming of mouse astrocytes is associated with multiscale epigenome remodeling and requires Yy1
64 Boyan Bonev Apr 30, 2024
Transcriptomic studies on ruxolitinib with or without checkpoint inhibitors as a cancer therapy
14 John R Teijaro Jun 20, 2024