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A primed immune transcriptional program is activated in oligodendroglia in multiple sclerosis
1185 Eneritz Agirre May 21, 2021
Chromatin architecture of B cell development during the humoral immune response
107 Ashley Stephen Doane Sep 09, 2021
Profiling data from primary mouse cortical neurons
85 Caryn R Hale Mar 13, 2024
An Exhausted-Like Microglial Population Accumulates in Aged and APOE4 Genotype Alzheimer’s Brains
27 Alon Millet Dec 29, 2023
The RNA Binding Protein Dead End1 Is Differentially Expressed in Male Germ Cells During Late Gestation and Targets Chromatin Modifiers and Translational Machinery
34 Victor A Ruthig Oct 18, 2022