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Differences in TCR repertoire and T cell activation underlie the divergent outcomes of anti-tumor immune responses in tumor-eradicating versus tumor-progressing hosts
19 Jing Hong Wang Jan 13, 2021
Spatial transcriptome analysis (Slide-seq2) of mouse main olfactory bulb
40 I-Hao Wang Jan 31, 2022
Mouse olfactory sensory neurons, main olfactory epithelium and main olfactory bulb
55 I-Hao Wang Jan 31, 2022
Multiomics reveals persistence of obesity-associated immune cell phenotypes in adipose tissue during weight loss and subsequent weight regain
8 Matthew A Cottam Mar 04, 2022
9sCa: MSL2 is an allelic dosage sensor in mammals
244 Asifa Akhtar Aug 10, 2023
Epithelial Plasticity and Innate Immune Activation Promote Lung Tissue Remodeling following Respiratory Viral Infection.
32 Barry Stripp Aug 08, 2023
Blocking of CA-MSC-induced desmoplasia reprograms the tumor immune microenvironment and enhances cancer immunotherapy
2 Ronald J Buckanovich Oct 06, 2021
Decay of heterochromatin domains at selective gene loci in aging mouse brain cells
59 Bing Ren Sep 13, 2022
Hierarchical deployment of Tbx3 dictating the identity of hypothalamic Tac2/Kiss1 neurons
18 Qing-Feng Wu Jan 30, 2022
Mesenchymal glioma stem cells trigger vasectasia, a distinct neovascularization process mediated by extracellular vesicles carrying EGFR [scRNA-seq]
45 Janusz Rak Mar 04, 2024
Comprehensive spatiotemporal mapping of single-cell lineages in developing mouse brain by CRISPR-based barcoding
118 Yuejun Chen May 01, 2023
Gene expression profile at single cell level of phagocytic myeloid cells in autochthonous lung cancer model
20 Daniel R Lu Mar 10, 2023
Deciphering cell states and genealogies of human hematopoiesis with single-cell multi-omics
56 Chen Weng Nov 18, 2023
Pre-clinical models for prediction of immunotherapy outcomes and immune evasion mechanisms in genetically heterogeneous multiple myeloma
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Cristina Perez Jan 31, 2023
Single-cell TCR-sequencing of T cells in crescentic glomerulonephritis
18 Yu Zhao Mar 31, 2023
Donor regulatory T cells rapidly adapt to recipient tissues to control acute graft-versus-host disease [scRNA-seq & scTCR-seq]
21 Michael Rehli Jan 01, 2024
An Erratic Gene Expression Signature in Primary Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Implications for Interpretations of Aging
2 Anna Konturek-Ciesla Nov 29, 2023
scRNAseq and scATACseq of Cd45+ cells from brains of 5XFAD mice bearing distinct APOE alleles and across age
8 Alon Millet Dec 29, 2023
10X single-cell RNA-seq profiling of T cells from the pancreas, pancreatic lymph nodes, and blood of NOD mice with spontaneous or anti-PD-1-induced Type 1 Diabetes
27 Jenna Lynn Collier Jul 05, 2023
LXR signaling controls homeostatic dendritic cell maturation [scRNAseq]
4 Sophie Janssens Mar 30, 2023