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10X single-cell RNA-seq profiling of T cells from the pancreas, pancreatic lymph nodes, and blood of NOD mice with spontaneous or anti-PD-1-induced Type 1 Diabetes
27 Jenna Lynn Collier Jul 05, 2023
A Lactate-induced SREBF2-dependent genetic program drives an immunotolerant dendritic cell population during cancer progression
15 Brent Hanks May 13, 2024
A Transcriptional Switch Governs Fibroblast Activation in Heart Disease
56 Pawel Przytycki Apr 08, 2021
A critical requirement for IκBα in controlling dormancy in Hematopoietic stem cells via retinoic acid during embryonic development
20 Anna Bigas Apr 15, 2024
A genetic-metabolic axis for metastatic liver organotropism
139 Meri Rogava Aug 29, 2023
A lymphatic-stem cell interactome regulates intestinal stem cell activity
8 Marina Schernthanner Jun 21, 2022
A microglia-CD4+ T cell partnership generates protective anti-tumor immunity to glioblastoma.
16 Kathryn Lande Jun 01, 2023
A novel model of binge ethanol exposure reveals enhanced neurodegeneration with advanced age
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4 paige Anton Mar 18, 2024
A single cell atlas of human glioma under therapy
113 Aaron Diaz Jul 05, 2022
A single cell transcriptomic map of the developing Atoh1-lineage uncovers neural fate decisions and neuronal diversity in the hindbrain.
32 Huda Zoghbi Jun 23, 2024
APOE modulates microglial immunometabolism in response to age, amyloid pathology, and inflammatory challenge
32 Lance A Johnson Sep 15, 2022
APOE modulates microglial immunometabolism in response to age, amyloid pathology, and inflammatory challenge [Spatial transcriptomics]
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6 Lance A Johnson Sep 04, 2022
Activation of endogenous retroviruses during brain development causes neuroinflammation
38 Johan Jakobsson Feb 24, 2021
Age-related epithelial defects limit thymic function and regeneration
51 Anastasia I Kousa Jun 27, 2024
Amyloid driven clonally expanded CD8+ effector memory T cells infiltrate Alzheimer’s disease bigenic mouse models
12 Mathew Blurton-Jones Dec 30, 2023
An Epigenetic Memory of Inflammation Induces Context-Dependent Lineage Plasticity in the Pancreas with Divergent Phenotypic Outcomes
115 Rohit Chandwani Oct 24, 2023
An activity-specificity trade-off encoded in human transcription factors
100 Alexandre P Magalhaes Feb 27, 2024
An integrated toolkit for the analysis of synthetic cellular barcodes in the genome and transcriptome
88 Dane Aaron McKay Vassiliadis Nov 05, 2023
Antigen presentation by tumor-associated macrophages (TAM) mediates progenitor to terminal exhaustion transition in glioblastoma and other solid tumors
6 Jessica Waibl Polania Feb 01, 2024
Antigen presentation by type 3 innate lymphoid cells directs the differentiation of gut microbiota-specific regulatory T cells
6 Peter Smibert Feb 28, 2022